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Have You Been Pretending Your Indoor TV Was An Outdoor TV?

Updated on August 22, 2011

Have you taken your indoor TV outdoors like me?

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How many of us wish we could bring one of our TV’s outdoors to our patio, deck, garage, or to a tailgate affair or our boat, but were concerned because it wasn’t an outdoor, weatherproof TV? It is a troublesome thing to do with cables running all over the place, extension cords, stabilizing the unit and getting a good picture, windows or doors staying open for cables, not to mention keeping it free of insects, condensation, scratches, dirt and more. So many things can go wrong and it could actually be dangerous.

I know firsthand as the following happened to me.

Last summer I took my 42” LCD TV outside to my patio and “set it up” so those attending my daughter’s slumber party could watch movies under the stars. All was fine until it started to rain. I, unfortunately, was out picking up pizza when it started. My wife tried moving it under their awning but forgot to turn the power off. Water got in the TV and it started sparking. Our son came running out and turned it off, but not before the TV was ruined.

Not being easily discouraged, because I loved my idea of having a TV outside on my deck for a warm day, a cool night, for a party, kids event, a ballgame or for some other reason, I began researching outdoor TV’s and came across a couple of companies that make them.

My criteria was simple: I wanted something that would last for the normal length of a TV, provide the type of picture one would expect from an excellent TV, and be element and weatherproof. Because no major brands mass produce them I had to find a company that makes weatherproof outdoor TV's. Performing a simple Google search a number of companies appeared and I read about each one of them.

What I found out was that, like cars or razors or laundry detergent, not all outdoor TV’s are the same. Most used different components, had a different conversion philosophy, used different types of video panel displays, and highlighted different features. Of course, the pricing was different between like-models.

How did I finally choose which outdoor TV to purchase?? I went online right to consumers who had actually purchased models of each of the manufacturers I’d been considering and read up on what users were saying. I felt, after my research, that one company stood out, and it was Skyvue. They manufacture outdoor LED TV’s in South Carolina, and I could buy directly from them, as opposed to the others that had a middleman, thereby saving me money. I felt very comfortable talking to their customer service people (I even spoke with the owner of the company, great guy) chose the 52” 1080p LED Outdoor HDTV, gave them my card and shipping info. The outdoor TV was at my home in no time, and it was very simple to install and operate. I also saved $441 dollars since I live in a different state than South Carolina I avoided paying $441 of state sales tax. Wow!

That was last Spring and while it has been a hot summer, the TV works faultlessly due to the internal cooling system, unlike indoor TV's with ventilation holes in their housing it's not a true outdoor tv unless it comes with an internal fan cooling system (a must for an outdoor TV)! Now that football season is almost here, I’ll see how it works in the cold! It’s been fun for our entire family, and we sure seem to have more “friends” stopping by!


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    • profile image

      dan 2 years ago

      What a con! I've used a inside tv outside for over 5 years and its been through every weather condition and works perfectly fine. As long as there's a roof over it and fine mesh over the grills to stop bugs making it there home.

    • profile image

      fhk 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Web-Team 6 years ago from Rock Hill

      I love the thought of taking my TV outdoors. This is a great idea, when I have the guys over for the game I could bother my wife a lot less if we were all outside under the stars with a blazing fire going and cooking on the grill. I think I'm in, plus with this kind of tv you wouldn't have to take it in and out of the house, that's a plus. Check out this review I found

    • profile image

      Dean S 6 years ago

      I studied buying an outdoor TV for months, and you are dead on about SkyVue TV having a great outdoor TV! I ended up purchasing the SkyVue 46" to go next to my spa, and the picture quality is absolutely amazing. The picture quality is much better than my 47" indoor LCD TV. I can now see why the entire TV industry is heading towards LED video panels with the high contrast ratios.

    • profile image

      Brew 6 years ago

      Outdoor TV's you see more and more on the HGTV network and it really makes sence to entertian outdoor when you can sport party's it easier to clean up the outside than inside.I've had parties in my backyard but this put's a whole new angle to partying.I have looked on and they do have a lot more than there competition,like the LED 1080P display panel, The huge sound bar that's 60 watts of power.I made my purchase earlier and went with a 52" in Patriot Blue to match my outdoor color in my backyard. Great site great tv and price!!!!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Interesting hub! I didn't realise there was such a thing as an outdoor TV. It actually is a great idea, however I've no intention of telling my lot about it - I'd never get any peace in the garden! Besides that, the amount of rain we get in Scotland we wouldn't get much use out of it even if the TV is waterproof - I like to watch my documentaries and movies in a dry atmosphere.