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Have you been Hacked

Updated on September 10, 2011

Hackers Beware


Seen the news lately!  What I am referring to is Wikileaks.  Well what about the average person or small business.  Having our computers hacked isn’t like getting your house robbed.  When someone breaks into your house there are physical signs that a break in has occurred, like a broken window, door forced open.  But with a computer being hacked it there is no visible trace of anyone being there.  Your computer will not start typing “I’ve been hacked” or Intruder alert, nor will your mouse start squeaking. 

Most every computer that is connected to the internet has a firewall.  But like everything else if someone wants something they will do everything they can to get that access.  There are software packages out there that can help deter and inform you that someone is trying to obtain access into your network. 

Home computer systems -  the information on these systems may not be National Defense secrets or classified information, but there is information on them such as bank account information and log in’s,  social security numbers, and other data.

Small business computers -  This information may consist of customer information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other sensitive data.

Hackers – someone who has a vast knowledge of computer programming and also ability to bypass firewalls and security protocols. 

Just because you or your Network security manager has installed software to deny access to your systems it can still be hacked.  Getting a third party to audit your systems can be very costly for the reports they will provide.  But they are a one time deal.

I am about to introduce you to a your outside auditor.  Here you can get automatic notification  and reports.

Try it for free here 


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