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Headphones Can Interfere Your Heart-devices or Cardiac Equipments

Updated on November 10, 2008

iPods, MP3 players and other musical devices are specially designed for enjoying music. Headphones are used to enjoy music. Are these headphones are suitable for our cardiac devices? Should we carefully maintain it's uses? Or we avoid them?

An iPod Picture

an iPod picture [form flickr]
an iPod picture [form flickr]

Generally, too much use of headphones is certainly harmful for our hearings. But recently, it is discovered that it is not only harmful for our ears but also harmful for proper functioning of hearts. Recent scientists and researchers find that headphones might throw off pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. These devices are causing interfere and make a jam to keep proper rhythm of heartbeats.

Headphone picture

Headphone picture of iPod (from flickr)
Headphone picture of iPod (from flickr)

Why headphones are creating problems?

These devices contain magnets. People generally put them to shirt pockets. When it is between 1.2inch closer to the cardiac devices, it causes much interfere. It is very harmful to them. The interfere causes problem for normal heart pumping. So, it creates life-threatening problems day-by-day. Actually, pacemakers boost slow heart rhythms. So, when it is interfere by magnetic field, they may create signal for faster heart bead. But this is not desirable.

How researchers proved that headphones have effects?

Researchers has already finished a research of 60 patients. They use total 8 models of headphones. The research published that 14 patients are affected by these types of headphones when those kinds of devices are placed within 1.2-inches of each device and the interference is twice as high in defibrillators as pacemakers generated. 

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What are the advice of the researcher for using headphones?

For these reasons, researchers are advised to keep these headphone type devises (which contain magnet) into pants pocket or purse or handbag. They advised to apart those devises with maximum distance as possible from the chest. They advised not to put in breast pocket or not to hang from our shoulder or neck. 


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