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How To Enhance Your Healthcare Marketing with Video

Updated on January 4, 2012

The healthcare industry is growing quickly as 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day. According to a study completed last year by Google, 57% of the Boomer generation have searched online for health information. A survey done by the National Research Corporation in 2011 showed 20% of respondents rely on social networking for health information and of those, 94% use Facebook as their number one source. Are your healthcare marketing efforts able to keep up with these trends?

One way to enhance your marketing programs is through use of online video. Websites containing video consistently show a lower bounce rate and increased time-on-site versus sites without video content. Video also helps with search engine optimization efforts as videos, according to Nate Elliott, are 50 times more likely to appear on Google's first page results than sites without video content.

Creating Your Healthcare Marketing Video

With the increase in simple high-definition cameras, as well as easy to use video editing and distribution options, video has become a low-cost option for healthcare marketers. Those creating videos should start with a list of potential video topics. Your videos should cover topics and stories that your potential customers would be interested in. Nobody wants to see a glorified commercial for your hospital on their Facebook page, but a video teaching them how to look for signs of pending health risks may be of interest. Here are a few recommendations:

Healthcare Marketing Video Ideas:

  • Customer testimonials and inspirational stories (beware HIPAA regulations)
  • New technology and hospital techniques
  • Preventative medicine and health tips videos
  • Inspiration videos from the hospital community showing positive events and trends

Editing Marketing Videos:

Once the appropriate video footage is captured, you can use simple editing software available on most new computers or download a program such as Camtasia Studio to create the final version. Another option would be to hire a healthcare marketing firm or video production studio to create your final videos.

Remember to keep them short as attention spans, especially on the web, are not what they used to be. Optimal video length should be under two minutes but attention must be grabbed in the first 10 seconds or risk users clicking away.

Healthcare Marketing Videos Discovery

To get your videos discovered, you need to ensure you are taking advantage of social media and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is all about using the proper keywords in your video title and description. To get a feel for what people are searching, use the Google Keyword Tool or YouTube Keyword Tool and pick out the most popular and relevant keywords. Then attempt to use these keywords within the title and description of your videos. Search engines are unable to decipher the contents of video and therefore use the title and description to decide the video subject matter.

Once your video is completed and you've chosen your keyword optimized title and description, upload the video to YouTube and share on your social networks (including Facebook). You should embed your video from YouTube onto your main website, social media accounts and in your email marketing newsletters. This will drive all traffic to view the video on YouTube which will increase your view count. This is important because Google takes into account the amount of views per video when deciding on its popularity. The more popular a video, the better the chance of it showing up in the search results when your targeted keywords are searched.

Healthcare Marketing Survey

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