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Helix is a pair of wearable bluetooth earbuds that perfectly blend form and function

Updated on November 7, 2015

2015 has truly been the year of the wearables, with the assortment of smartwatches, fitbits, and other wearables that have flooded the market. Helix is different from other wearables because its function is much more simplistic. All it does is hold one of your accessories. The Helix cuff is a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that perfectly blend form and function.

The idea that the Helix is a fashion statement was really featured in Ashley Chloe's indiegogo campaign. This seems to be a good idea because Helix is, in my opinion, the most fashionable wearable I have ever seen. Ashley Chloe's effort to make Helix the perfect mix between form and fashion is evident in their choice of premium materials. One version of the Helix even comes with 18k gold plated accents. The other versions are no slouches either, as they come accented with silver and champagne gold aluminum finishes.

The colors Helix comes in
The colors Helix comes in | Source

The use of apt-x high-quality audio technology is a very useful addition and will improve the sound quality. Another use of audio-enhancement technology that will benefit the sound quality of the Helix is cVc noise reduction.Smart multipoint connectivity allows Helix to remember up to 8 devices and connect to 2 devices simultaneously. This could prove to be very useful for someone that frequently switches from laptop, to tablet, to smartphone.

Helix is a design miracle; the team in charge of Helix did a great job in designing a wearable using some of the smallest components available to make a functional device that is much more complimentary than it is abstrusive. The loop design that the Helix uses is pure genius. The cuff allows you to adjust the circumference of Helix, which is especially important to me, because of my tiny wrists. It is thickest right around your wrist, allowing you to rest your hands on a table naturally. The Helix's loop also allows for convenient storage of the headphones without making the device bulky.


The attention to detail is truly the thing that makes me want a Helix Cuff of my own. Even the Micro-USB port is tucked away on the headset so the user doesn't have to see it at all times.

Battery life is expected to be 3 hours of continual playback, and up to 200 hours of standby time. This definitely isn't sensational battery life, compared to similar products in the price range. The fast charge time of less than one hour can serve to remedy the short battery life, however.

As for the price of Helix, pre-orders are going for $169 for a regular Helix cuff, $299 for 2 Helix cuffs or 1 24k gold edition Helix cuff. Helix definitely isn't terribly overpriced, considering the similar price of earbuds from companies like Beats by Dre and Jaybird. For that similar price, Helix brings the element of being a wearable. Unlike other products, you will most likely never forget or lose Helix because Helix is with you at all times. As the creators emphasized on their website, you will never have to worry about tangled cables either.

While Helix might not be for everyone, the Helix cuff brings a versatile, comfortable, sleek design that is also functional.

Helix:Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Video

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