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Help Me Decide Which HDTV I Should Buy, Please!

Updated on January 24, 2012

I need your help here. I am currently in the market for a new big-screen HDTV and I need help deciding which one to purchase. I have a budget of $2000. I would love to go 3DTV, but for the size that I want 50" or greater, and my budget, I think quality 3Dtvs are out of the question, so I'll just stick with the HDTVs.

Which do you think? Which one would you purchase, and why?

Here are the things which are important to me:

1. Inputs: I need inputs for my PS3, PC, Wii, and HD box

2. Screen Finish is also important as I tend to get a lot of glare in my family room (where I plan to locate it).

3. Energy Efficiency. Energy star is a must with a TV of this size.

4. Would be great to have an Internet ready TV...dont you think?

5. USB connectivity is also a must since I use my TV for photo displaying.

6. 240Hz refresh would be great, but i'll probably need to settle for 120Hz. Is there a significant difference?

7. Of course, for this price range, LCD back lighting would be nice too.

I'm planning to purchase from Amazon because they have the best prices, and I get free shipping with Amazon prime. So lets use the Amazon's HDTV section as a guide.

I'm waiting for your comments. Thanks a lot!


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