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Help Protect Your Children with the CEOP Enhanced Internet Explorer 8

Updated on September 3, 2010

Tool to protect your children

CEOP pack is an excellent tool to protect your children while using the internet. If you also want to install CEOP pack follow the steps given below.

First of all execute the CEOP file, then click on the ‘Next' button. In the next window you will see two radio buttons. Select the first option of ‘I want to help improve internet explorer' and click on the next button, in the same window you will see a message which will inform you that restart your system once your setup is complete. After that you will see the names of versions with which CEOP works properly, and in the same window you will be provided the terms and conditions for installing the CEOP pack. Read them carefully and agree to them for further processing.

Now when you will open the internet explorer after restarting your computer you will see that your homepage has changed. This page is not bad for your children and it will also provide you a platform to look at the online resources of CEOP. In the drop down of menu you will see two new search providers and some new links are also added to your favorite menu which is very useful for you and your other family members. Moreover if you have added favorite bar then clicking on the CEOP button will show you many other links which provides great information for you and your children.

For example, Clicking on the cyberbullying link will provide you access to get information about an exacting topic. You are also provided with the age group links to get information according to the age and the parent link leads to information that is related to you. This type of features makes this tool very interesting and helpful for the users.


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