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Hide Desktop Icon Text on Windows 7 or Vista

Updated on February 20, 2013

windows 7 or vista

In windows 7 or vista you can hide the desktop icon text if you want. This is because there are some icons which do not need any text below them to describe what there icon is for. For example, the icon of internet explorer does not need any text for its description. So if you want to delete or hide text below the icons follow the steps given below,

First right click on the icon or shortcut and then from the pop down menu select the option of ‘Rename'. Now press and hold down the Alt key and then type 255 using right keypad of your keyboard. If you try to type with the help of the numeric keys which are on the top of the keyboard then you will not succeed in your mission. But if you have a laptop, just turn on the numlock and after that use the keys which are placed next to regular letter keys.

For the first time when you hide the text of an icon you can simply type Alt+255 but for the next time means that to rename the next icon you will have to type the (Alt255) twice {Alt+255 Alt+255} and for the next time the process continues to increase by (Alt255). After typing the combination of above mentioned keys you will see that the icon is appearing without any text or name and it will look nice. Now if you again want to rename the folder you cannot do it by just right clicking on the icon and then selecting the rename option, this will not work.

To rename the file again open command prompt and move the directory to the containing folder and then type the command given below.


In this way you will be able to rename a file or folder placed on desktop.


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    • profile image

      Rachit 4 years ago

      I tried bothways in laptop...

      aren't working :(

    • profile image

      Subhashree 5 years ago

      I tried in case of Laptop by bothways( pressing numlock and not pressing it). But it did not work out...:(