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High performance gaming rig

Updated on September 04, 2010

With the release of DX11 hardware and Windows 7,many people would feel that this is a good time to buy a new gaming PC. But with so many options, one could get lost ! This guide should get you on the right path and help you build your $2000 gaming PC. 

Processor: Core i7 920

This is not the newest or the fastest of intel's offerings but is great choice for our build as it provides a lot of performance for the money,but, what makes it better is a good amount of overclocking headroom. At $280, this processor is a really great buy.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5

This is a top quality X58 motherboard from Gigabyte. It gives all the features that you would need. With 3 PCIe slots (running at 16x,16x,8x) will give you the ability to perform 3 way crossfire or SLI. At $280 it is a tad more expensive than many others, but you can consider it money well spent.

Memory: Corsair Dominator GT 1600MHz DDR3

Top quality RAM from Corsair. Running at 1600MHz and at low CAS latency of 7, this is one of the best RAM kits out there. With a very good design to remove heat efficiently, it will be great for overclocking as well. At $240 for 6GB (2GB x3)this RAM is a bit expensive, but when going all out a high end gaming rig, why let some cheap quality RAM spoil the performance. The RAM come with some decent cooling solution, nothing special.

Graphics Card: ATI 5870 1GB GDDR5

This was probably the easiest choice for our build as it is currently the fastest single core graphics card out there. With features like DX11 and ATI eyeinfinity and lot more, its a very good card for the money. Consumes little power at idle and pretty less even at load and also runs cool, all thanks to the 40nm technology. It is equipped with 1600 shader cores and 1GB of GDDR5, which is enough for most games at high resolution. At $399, the only problem i see with this card is its availability, its hard to find it anywhere.

PSU: Corsair 850TX

For all your high performance hardware you need a good power supply. Corsair is known for its top quality PSUs. The 850TX is an 850W 80plus certified power supply, which gives 70A on a single 12V rail !! Thats enough for a couple of 5870s and an overclocked i7. At just $130 with a $20 rebate, its a very good deal. 

Hard Drive: OCZ vertex 60GB SSD + 1TB WD caviar black

SSDs are still new technology and are very expensive, but they are a definite must for a high performance build like this. The 60GB version will set you back $220, but for the performance, it worth it.

The 1TB of space is enough for you to save all of your favorite games, movies and music. At just $95, its not a bad deal at all !!

Cabinet : Cooler Master HAF932

One of the best full tower cases out there, got lots of room and huge amount of air flow to keep all your components cool. With good looks and a price tag of just $150, its a very good deal.

This is the core part of our high performance PC build, lots of stuff still left !!

Please feel free to leave a comment here or for any further queries, join our discussion here:


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