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Highly Desirable iPhone Accessories

Updated on September 3, 2014

You Bought an iPhone! What now?

You camped out. You stood in line. You blew three weeks salary on the latest hi-tech gizmo from Apple.

What now?

Trick it out. Sure, you can call people with it, but any wireless phone can do that. $19.95 Cricket phones can call people. Without advanced desirable accessories, your iPhone cannot reach its' full potential. Delve deep into a plethora of electronic adjuncts designed to enhance the Apple Experience.

RedEye mini Plug-in Universal Remote Adapter for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Many folks want to watch television, but they prefer not to get up to change channels. To that end, TV manufacturers developed remote control devices. Consumers quickly adopted the new technology; most modern televisions have minimal front panel controls. Functionality is completely controlled from the remote.

Remote control devices for televisions, DVD players, cable boxes, home entertainment systems, and microwave ovens proliferated until consumers began to suffer from gizmo overload. The average coffee table drawer houses sufficient electronics to control a manned mission to Mars.

Fret no more. The RedEye mini Plug-in Universal Remote Adapter converts your iPhone to a TV remote. Yes, you can call Mom and change channels at the same time. Instead of reaching for a device engineered specially for your TV, employ this magical whiz-bang to spoof your home entertainment system while reclining on the leatherette couch.

This amazing device includes channel guides for Canada, The United States, and Australia; Enjoy the freedom to recline on leatherette couches in three different countries, one of which is actually a really large island.

Highly desirable iPhone accessories are always a party.
Highly desirable iPhone accessories are always a party.

Aquapac Waterproof Case For iPhone and Droid

Harrison Ford could have used this nifty waterproof case when he jumped off that dam in The Fugitive. Instead, we were left wondering if his iPhone survived the rugged fall. Perhaps he lost his contact list and calendar when his iPhone got dunked; we'll never know.

We do know that the Aquapac Waterproof Case would have kept his phone secure and dry despite raging rapids and intense hydraulic pressures. This case safely submerges to over 14 feet. Touch screen controls are fully functional through the clear plastic front cover. An adjustable tether cord is included at no extra charge.

GoGroove MOVE Sleek Portable and Wall Mountable SonusMAX Speaker System

Some of us have friends without iPhones. It's hard to believe. These people need love, too. To that end, we propose the GoGroove MOVE Sleek Portable and Wall Mountable SonusMAX Speaker System for sonic sharing.

This highly desirable device includes 4 independent speakers that broadcast your Justin Bieber collection to everyone in the room. Share your playlist with unsuspecting friends and relatives while charging your iDevice at the same time. It doesn't get any better.

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone

Getting lost will be a little more difficult with theTomTom Car Kit for iPhone. Stick it onto your windshield. Call up a map. Gaze longingly at the way home. Amplify your GPS signal for a better navigation experience. Drive confidently in the knowledge that your iPhone is concurrently recharged even as it performs mapping functions for you.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel; this device allows you to receive hands-free calls through the built-in microphone and speaker.

Klipsch iGroove SXT Speaker System for iPhone and iPod

it's impossible to pronounce without spitting, but since you can order it online, you'll never have to try. The Klipsch iGroove delivers optimal sound quality and is compatible with iPod Minis, Classics, Touches, Nanos, and Steve Jobs autographed models. Specially engineered speakers make your Apple product sound like a Pink Floyd concert, unless you don't like Pink Floyd.

An S-video output allows you to wake up to the alarm and immediately begin watching videos without getting out from under the covers. An IR (infrared) remote control device bridges the 2 foot gap between your bed and your nightstand.


Highly desirable iPhone accessories make your iPhone experience all it can be. Don't leave home without them.


So where's everyone at? I slaved my fingers off. I did the research. I combined words into sentences and melded aforementioned sentences into paragraphs.

Simply because I didn't top the vaunted 700 word total no one will ever see this epic article.

I really don't know why I bother. I make more money at BubbleWs, especially when they actually pay me. Even if I don't get paid I have earned as much as I do here.

Hundreds of articles over many years and my reward is that stoopid nofollow tag. I deserve better. You all deserve better. Who concocted these arbitrary standards?

Youbetcha it's over 850 words now. I babble with the best of them. After besetting you, dear reader, with iPhone accoutrement i follow up with a tidy rant. We all win, a little.

Peruse the above retail accessories germane to you and your iPhone lifestyle. You know you want to order stuff from our favorite online retail giant with drones, Those folks stand by 24 hours daily just waiting for you to click their way.

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      nicomp really 3 years ago from Ohio, USA

      See, now, this is a good hub. It deserves better.

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      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      I love my ipad!!