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Hobart man and Pokémon Entrepenur hacks Pokémon Go

Updated on July 31, 2016

Many people across Illinois and Northwest Indiana have taken to Facebook after discovering something strange about their Pokémon Go app.

On some people's phones, but not all, a button was put in place on the game's options menu that directed you to the hacker group's Facebook page.

There is a new addition to the built-in Pokémon store advertising their services. Services like account boosting, GPS spoofing and accurate Pokémon tracking (which let’s face it, we actually need). They also advertise level 30 Pokémon accounts for sale with Pokemon such as “Gyarados” and “Dragonite”.

The group's Facebook page can be found here.

If you haven't already noticed, there is no shortage of posts on Facebook talking about the group's exploits. They are dominating the discussion on a lot of Pokémon Go centered Facebook groups in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois

“Gyms in my area have been taken by accounts whose names either reference Team Prophet or someone named Alexander Hart, who some people assume is the person responsible. The gyms are packed with extremely high level pokemon that take entire groups of players to defeat. When we are finally able to defeat them, they reclaim the gym faster than anyone can anyone can place their pokemon inside. They do this all without actually being there. They permanently own the gyms they take and there is nothing we can do.”

Some Pokémon players have even reported that their best Pokémon have disappeared from their inventory, although we are unable to confirm that the group is responsible

“Gyms exist in clusters and in every cluster around this area, Team Prophet owns one of them.”

“My friends and I took one of the gyms they controlled. Afterwards, when I tried to catch Pokémon it would say I have none. Every time I tried collecting more, they would disappear from my inventory. I can’t catch Pokémon right now.”

Nobody knows exactly why they decided to name themselves Team Prophet although it is assumed that it is supposed to be a combination of “profit” and “rocket” — Team Rocket being the villains of the Pokémon universe.

If you have noticed anything strange about your Pokémon Go app please report it to Niantic and get the word out on social media, otherwise, the group may never go away.

What do you think of the hacker group Team Prophet?

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