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Home Theatre Installation Melbourne For DIYer

Updated on August 4, 2016

Anyone who enjoys the magic of theatre will know the importance of seeing a movie on a good screen with a good chair, surround sound and lighting. And even though technology produced better televisions, a theatre is still different. It can transport us to another world. This is why home theatre installation Melbourne are very in demand.

Today, we will discuss how to do home theatre installation. It’s best to have the experts do the job but there’s no harm done too if you know how to do it so you can put ideas on building your home theatre too.

Prepare the popcorn and let’s get started!

Step 1
The first thing to do to install your system home theater is to choose a room in the house where you want to put it. It is best to choose an isolated room so that the surround sound will be maximized and there's not enough sunlight to make the experience as close as in the cinemas. The room should also be relatively spacious. There must be distance from the projector and wall (if you plan to put projector) and there should also be a great space for the seats. If you want a sophisticated and grand home theatre then a space for the speakers under or at the side of the seats should also be consider.

Step 2:
The step of choosing the projector or screen (100-120 inches for the projector and minimum for approximately 42 inch screen plasma television or LSD ) is very important. When we speak of the projector, this completely changes the picture as you are not watching TV. It not only has more inches but it is also more comfortable to the eye. With this device, your room is transformed into a cinema and all you need for this is a white wall or a white screen so that it can reflect the image correctly.

If you are not completely convinced to the idea of a projector, do not worry as you can opt for a plasma or LED TV that is large enough right to the place where your home theater will be. This option is much easier to install, but also involves a lot more money. If your choice is television remember that you can connect to wi-fi, then you can see all the movies you want from the Internet or buy them and connect them to DVD.

Step 3:
Now, you have to pick the seats you want for your home theater system. If you do not have much extra money, you do not need to buy something new because what you have in your home is enough. But if you are a person who wants to install a home theatre properly, you can build a platform in the room to have booster seats and order lazy boy seats so it feels like real cinema. In addition, a platform is a good idea to camouflage the speakers you must install.

Step 4:
What you must do now is choose the location of the speakers. If you want your room to really become a cinema, you must place several speakers, including 2 should be located next to the screen or wall where it will show the film directing them to the place where you sat, then will place another in front of the television, and place the subwoofer next to this one. And then you must locate other 2 speakers behind the sofa or seats. It is extremely important that they are located correctly and functioning properly since one of the most essential things home theater installation should have is the best sound.

Step 5:
The last step is to enjoy and choose the movie you would want to watch! When all the steps above are done and you have successfully installed all the equipment, here comes the fun part. Because that means it's time to watch many movies at home with friends and family. It is a very healthy and fun way to be surrounded by people we want in the comfort of our home and enjoy the movie we want.


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