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Host Gator Review

Updated on April 24, 2009

Host Gator

Host Gator Web Hosting Review
Host Gator Web Hosting Review

Host Gator Review

Ok so this is my first hub page. I wanted to write about host gator web hosting and my experiences with them.

First off why do you need web hosting? Do you want to create your own blog or website? Do you want to sell a product online? What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting? These are all great questions and I will try to answer then below.

Let's say you just want to start a blog online to put your daily thoughts on the web. You might be better off setting up a free account on blogger or wordpress. Now if you wanted to have control over everything, set up email from then you are going to want to check out hosting from Host Gator. Host Gator offers many hosting plans to choose from. Which one will suit you best.

If you just want to have a basic site, then you will want to go for a basic entry level shared plan which they call their Hatchling plan. This is very basic and your ip address will be shared with 100's even 1000's of other sites. This means if one of those sites sharing that address does somehting bad, you could be penalized as well. Not good. I like to go with the business plan since it lets you have unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth and it also gives you a dedicated IP address. Your site will be the only one with that ip address, so the only one who can screw that up is you.

Host Gator also offers a Reseller plan which lets you actually start your own little hosting company. It's actually pretty cool. You can set up other people's sites and charge them for it as well. You basically get your own litte virtual private slice out of a huge server where you can run all of your own sites or start your own little hosting company.

Ok time for the big boy! Dedicated servers! Host Gator Dedicated servers offer you a few different choices of servers from Pentium 4 to quad core processors. This means you are getting your own server. An actually server box that is all yours. No other sites will be hosted on it and it will be entirelly yours. If you have some experience I would go with a dedicated server. They have great support so you really don't need to know much but it is always better to have a decent grasp of how servers function before you go out and spend the $$ for a dedicated server. It's also good to start small and see if your site will actually need to move to a dedicated server. Most small sites that do no more then share information do not need a dedicated server. Now if you are going to start the next facebook you might need a dedicated server.

Host Gator web hosting also offers CPANEL which is God's gift to webmasters. It is like a server in a box and will let you do anything you need on the fly. Need a new email set up? Go into cpanel and create an account and your good to go. Need to back up your website? Go into cpanel and click on backup and bamm you have your whole site backed up. When I was first introduced to cpanel via host gator I fell in love. It made me feel like I was a web hosting guru. Cpanel truly is something to latch onto. If you get a reseller plan or dedicated hosting you will get WHM which is web hosting manager and lets your have control of the server. It is just like cpanel and just as easy to use.

All in all I love Host Gator! The service is great, the support is great. There help desk ticket system is fast and they will fix any issues that arise. I can't say that in the last 2 years any of my sites with host gator have gone down.

I hope this review of host gator gives you some insight and you will look into it more.

Click here to learn more about Host Gator and the web hosting plans they offer.


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    • profile image

      Host Gator Lover 8 years ago

      I have used host gator for years and love it! Fast set up, cheap prices and best of all fast service. They have live chat support and always answer tickets in atimely fashion. Can't go wrong with them.