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Hosted PBX Systems

Updated on July 9, 2010
Hosted PBX solutions
Hosted PBX solutions

Management of PBX systems

PBX systems are one of the most useful inventions that have enabled businesses to deploy a single integrated communications environment. For years however, they have been the domain of traditional PSTN systems, with buyers having little or no choice regarding the fundamental technologies involved.

Also despite the benefits, there is much more that could be done - such as integration with CMS systems and tracking and monitoring sophisticated parameters as well as complex routing and call management facilities.

Finally, PSTN PBX systems are cumbersome to manage. All the equipment is located at the client's site and this leads to associated costs such as maintenance and indirect costs of the loss of space. In addition, it leaves clients vulnerable to forces such as depreciation, necessitating an upgrade at regular intervals - which as anyone can tell you can be a huge expense.

VoIP PBX Systems

The new VoIP technologies have changed the way PBX systems are designed and implemented. The concept of hosted PBX solutions became popular and now an entire industry is burgeoning because of it.

VoIP systems take all the PBX management hassles out of the hands of the clients and places them in the care of the provider of the PBX system. The only charge is a monthly fee that includes everything. No switching hardware at the client's end, and no depreciation. Upgrades are free leading to massive release of manpower and stress. It's outsourcing at its very best.

These are called Virtual PBX services and rely on IP technology to perform their magic. They can make use of your existing Internet connection which transfers voice data to and from the data servers at your provider who uses software to manage all the complex interconnections. In addition, because the voice is just bits of data, it can be subject to analysis and integration with a wide range of systems that can improve your customer experience and increase retention.

Those who are aware of the range of Internet applications available on the Internet know that with VoIP, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing new uses and ways to integrate voice with the daily running of the business. Conference calling becomes a snap with advanced features such as security, and the ability to create, destroy and enter rooms within seconds.

Since this is still an emerging field, different vendors provide different services and use varying standards, but as this market grows, there will be greater standardization which will improve the productivity of everyone involved.


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