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Hosted VoIP Systems and ROI

Updated on September 14, 2011

Looking at VoIP as an investment

Any new technology has to demonstrate an ROI. If not directly in terms of saved costs or increased revenue, then at least indirectly through increased productivity or the streamlining of processes. VoIP is no exception and every business needs to be able to make a determination of whether or not it's getting its money's worth.

The ROI of VoIP greatly depends on the kind of setup a business has because the costs differ so dramatically. Basically there is the option of an in house VoIP system or one that is managed by a third party provider. To calculate the ROI, we need to carefully measure costs not just in direct terms of how much money is spent, but also in terms of how much manpower is diverted into the system and how much the attention of the organization is spent in managing and upgrading the infrastructure instead of focusing on the core business.

These points would be irrelevant for a large corporation whose branches are anyway independent and who can view the VoIP network as a cost center. But smaller organizations have to be careful about what they spend their time and money on and this is the crucial difference between a hosted PBX system and one that is built in house.

ROI of VoIP Systems
ROI of VoIP Systems

Managing costs with Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system doesn't require much attention on the part of a business apart from the initial assessment of the VoIP product and management of the network. Indeed, network management is about as complicated as it gets. All of the technical and tedious work of managing the VoIP infrastructure is outsourced to an experienced third party leaving the employees of the business free to concentrate on what's important.

Most ITSPs charge a small monthly fee for a certain number of phones and the pricing structure varies. Businesses can shop around for the one that suits them best and this is made easier by the fact that the provider can be from anywhere in the world. A hardware upgrade in the form of ATAs or VoIP phones is the only real investment a business needs to make and even without them, a call center will have all the hardware it needs with a PC and a microphone headset.

Business VoIP SIP systems can be set up in as little as fifteen minutes once you open an account with a provider and managing the switch to hosted PBX can be hassle free and convenient with a hosted PBX solution. Call your ITSP today to find out how you can get started.


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      Wheelhousepublish 6 years ago

      I agree VoIP is an investment. Please come and check out my site and see some of my articles about VoIP ROI.