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Hostile Skies

Updated on March 14, 2018

Deadly Skies On the Horizons

Deadly Skies

Charles Carswell

Everyone in the world is benefiting from the mushrooming global technology, including America’s enemies.

Afghanistan 1980’s
In the 1980s, the Soviet Union was at war with Afghanistan’s freedom fighters, the Taliban. The Russian helicopters rained tremendous death and destruction on the tribal warriors to the point where they were nearly in defeat. America stepped in and turned the tide of battle around completely by arming the Taliban with shoulder-fired “Stinger” missiles.This allowed a 100 million dollar aircraft to be totally destroyed with a ten thousand dollar missile.The loss of human lives, equipment and devastated morale contributed to sending the Russians home in a humiliating defeat.

Afghanistan 1990’s
As we have made enormous leaps in technology, America has made astounding advances in flight warfare and drone technology. The “Predator” and the “Raptor” are two of the most prominent models in the theater of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). With this advance, a remote pilot can be in Virginia and fly real-time over the skies of Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere in the world. This is done through advances in sophisticated satellite and super microchip technology As added features, these aircraft can be armed with a variety of air-to-ground missiles that strike their targets with deadly, pin-point accuracy, while staying aloft and hovering over a target area for nearly 24 hours. Unseen, silent and well-armed, these are formidable stealth weapons to deal with.

Iran 2000’s
March 2012, Iran managed to bring down one of the American drones and with much public display, paraded it before the press It appeared surprisingly intact as it sat on a pedestal-like display stand in Tehran. Shortly after, the Iranian military held a press conference and announced that they were very close in duplicating this technology and building their own with the capability of striking American cities, military bases or for that matter, anywhere, including Washington, D.C.

America Today
There’s not much doubt that an enemy such as a Taliban inspired Islamist Government can replicate and build these drones. The most sobering outlook on all of this is the fact that there is talk of arming them with nuclear weapons. The Associated Press alleges that Iran attained the long range missile technology with the help of China and also mentioned that the nuclear know-how was developed with the aid of Pakistan.
Add the fact that there are a huge number of foreign workers in America from that same region, and many are exporting their newly learned technology straight to their government and military benefactors. Of course this is not to say that every foreign worker has these kind of designs, but it may be a safe bet to assume some are. Just recently we are finding that ISIS and possibly other terrorist groups in the middle east have developed their own drones.There is a developed level of sophistication here, drones that not only target their targets with pin-point accuracy, but also explode with the ability to take out entire buildings.

The World Tomorrow
We are educating and receiving education from our friends and allies. Within this same process, we are training our enemies. This is inevitable and under the current flow of technology, it just can’t be avoided. Computer and microchip technology continues to become more advanced at an exponential rate. Times, situations and circumstances change as we have all seen. Many times the fastest changes come about among people. Our technology trading partners today can easily be the friends of our enemies tomorrow, or in some cases, they may be already.

Watch the skies.

The Mujaheddin Was Able to Turn a Military Defeat Into an Impressive Victory
The Mujaheddin Was Able to Turn a Military Defeat Into an Impressive Victory


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