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10 Hottest Popular Topics of 2014 That Broke The Internet (well... almost!)

Updated on December 24, 2014

We are already into the final days of 2014 and it has been a great year for the internet. Well, not great if you consider the fact that many topics nearly broke the internet. Let’s reminisce these hottest topics of 2014 that kept social media busy and you clicking that tweet button every five minutes.

Most Popular Topics of 2014
Most Popular Topics of 2014 | Source

The Academy Awards

1. Ellen Degeneres' Epic Oscar Selfie

Ellen hosted the 86th Academy Awards in 2014 among much buzz. This selfie was supposed to have only her and Meryl Streep who has been nominated for the Oscars for the ground breaking 18 times. Deciding to break another tweet record, Ellen asked other stars to also join the selfie. The result was a selfie no less than “epic”. Shot by Bradley Cooper, it has been retweeted almost 3.4 million times and has over 2 million favorites.

Reportedly, Samsung had paid $20 million for the advertising stunt for their phones on the Oscars but they were stunned too when Ellen decided to take a selfie. The photo is worth $2 billion if you believe.

Ice Bucket

2. ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge

The cause for raising money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) went crazy viral in every social media in late July and August 2014. Called the Harlem Shake of summer, participants have already created more than 1.3 million videos as a part of their contribution to this good cause. The topic was mentioned more than 2.2 million times in just Twitter.

A woman performing the ice water challenge
A woman performing the ice water challenge | Source

The result? Over 3 million donors raised more than $100 million for the ALS foundation, $7 million for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and $3 million for ALS Therapy Development Institute. However, there has been much criticism about the use of ice bucket challenge for just fun. Less than 10% of people in UK who participated in the challenge donated any money, and their primary goal was to gain just popularity in their social following.

World Cup

Fifa World Cup 2014 Brasil
Fifa World Cup 2014 Brasil | Source

3. The FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Ellen’s photo may be the most retweeted tweet of all times, but the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil became the most talked-about topic of all times. Germany’s win over Argentina in the final became the most viral tweet generating over 680,000 tweets per minute. Similarly, the insane 7-1 victory of Germany against Brazil in the semi-final became the most talked about match with over 35.6 million tweets by this match alone.

As reported and confirmed by Twitter, the World Cup #Brasil2014 was talked about in 672 million tweets! In another Twitter-breaking topic, Luis Suarez actually bit his opponent Giorgio Chiellini during a world cup match. This led to another stream of Twitter and Facebook users going crazy with their reactions.

Luis Suarez bites Chiellini

See the two right-most players at approximately 7 seconds into the video. Suarez in white.


4. The Ebola Outbreak

Ebola in Google search (relative graph)
Ebola in Google search (relative graph) | Source

On August 8, 2014 - 38 years after the virus was discovered, WHO confirmed it as a public health emergency of international concern. As of mid-October, #Ebola has generated over 5.4 million tweets but experts don't consider it going viral (pun intended). However, if you dig deeper, you will find that about 80,000 of these tweets and shares talk about conspiracy theories, zombie apocalypse and political blames. Some are so hilarious that you would believe Ebola causes dumbness.


These tweets, although funny, reveal the condition and perspective of today's 21st century WiFi addicts. 6,598 deaths have been confirmed as of December 10, which includes one death in US and six in Mali. Liberia was hit the most with 3,222 deaths. In a good news, WHO has said that the outbreak in Nigeria and Senegal is over because no new cases have been found since September.

In just a minute and half, Buzzfeed will enlighten you everything about #ebola.

Got 94 seconds? All you need to know about Ebola (video)

What if someone puts Ebola in your spaghetti?

Do you find the American new media over the top? Well, you're not alone! This hilarious video shows the differences between the US and the UK news reports about Ebola.

Bottom line: If you happen to find a mucus on the side of the road, don't go and lick it. It might contain EbolaVirus! (True story!)

#EbolaNews - US vs UK coverage

Kimberly Kardashian West

(Here we go again...)

Kim Kardashain
Kim Kardashain | Source

5. Kim Kardashian and Her Paper Magazine Stunt

Do you know what's more shocking than posing butt-naked for a publicity stunt? Well, not getting paid for it, or not asking any money for it. Even further - being a self-proclaimed role model and teaching everyone to follow their heart.

In a stunt to break the internet, Kim Kardashian posed nude for the Paper Magazine's winter 2014 issue. The result? 6.6 million visits to the Paper's website in a single day and billions of impressions on social medias. This was rather obvious as it was being tweeted more than 295 times per minute on its peak, as reported by the Wall Street Journal blog. It filled every social media including Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Whether you wanted or not, you would have to read about it in your newspaper, your feed and even word-of-mouth.

But wait, did she manage to break the internet? Well, no. Thanks to the comet landing!

We landed on a comet!

What a wonderful time to be alive!

6. Comet Landing

At 320 million miles away from earth, the Rosetta spacecraft managed to land its probe "Philae" on the surface of comet 67P. At peak, it was generating 3,040 tweets every minute. And if numbers are taken into account, the comet landing genuinely broke the internet.

Winter Olympics

7. Sochi 2014 Olympics

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics | Source

The XXII Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia buzzed at the social media for a number of reasons. First, it was Olympics. Second, topics like Russia wasn't ready. Third, gross hotel room experiences by journalists.... the list goes on.

The Sochi games turned out to be the most expensive Olympics in the history with total cost estimated to be $51 billion, much more than the $40 billion 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing. Beijing had three times more games and events than the 2014 Winter Olympics, and it's more than six times of what was spent in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver ($8 Billion).

Among all social platforms, #Sochi2014 generated more than 2 billion impressions, the most popular platform being Facebook. More than 2 million new fans joined the official Olympics Facebook page during the game.

The opening ceremony on February 7 became the most popular topic on social media, with popular hashtags like #Sochi2014 and #WeAreWinter.

Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony (video)

Long live Robin!

Robin Williams
Robin Williams | Source

8. Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014, one of the most prolific actor and comedian left the earth. Robin Williams committed suicide near his California home.

Officially ruled as suicide, his death was mourned and reflected by hundreds of thousands of his loyal fans, celebrity friends and family members. A tweet by Jimmy Kimmel - "If you're said, please tell someone" got over 63,000 retweets in a matter of minutes. I spent hours the next day watching interviews and videos of Robin Williams, and it still makes me sad what depression can cause.

Honorable Mentions...

9. Malaysia Airlines

10. ISIS


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