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How to Block any Website in Top 3 Browsers

Updated on May 1, 2012

Hello Guys

This is my first hub and trying to get used to Hubpages. In this hub I will share how to block any website in the top 3 browsers namely Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Learning to block a website can not only help parents who want to keep their kids away from addictive games, social networking or adult sites but also hardcore surfers who want some security from a site which they think can harm potentially. So let's start learning.

In Firefox

Unfortunately Firefox still have not given any option to block a specific website directly from the browser itself even after the latest Firefox 13 beta release. So we will need to do this by an extension. Here are the steps:

  1. Install BlockSite extension in your Firefox and restart your browser.
  2. Click Firefox Menu button -> Add-ons. For older versions of Firefox, go to Tools -> Add-ons.
  3. Find the installed BlockSite extension and click "Options" for that extension.
  4. Make sure that "Enable Blocking" is ticked. Click "Add" beside the "Blacklist" section below.
  5. Enter the URL you wish to block. Note that you include "www". For eg. You want to block Facebook so the URL to enter should be and not just
  6. Click "OK" and now try to open or

All done!!! You have successfully blocked Facebook and saved your child :P

In Chrome

Google Chrome also doesn't have the inbuilt ability to block a specific website from within the browser. So yet again we need to get a third party extension. Follow these steps to block website with Chrome:

  1. Install Chrome Nanny on your Google Chrome.
  2. Right click the clock shaped button next to the address bar and click "Options"
  3. Enter a title in the "Block Set Name" and URLs you wish to block in "URLs" section.
  4. Set the specific time you want the URL to be blocked in 24hrs format.
  5. Click "Save URL".

That's it.

There are also some other options you can play with.

In Opera

Unlike Firefox and Chrome, Opera have the ability to block any website from within the browser. Here are the steps to block website with Opera:

  1. Click Opera Quick Launch located at the top left-hand corner of the browser much like Firefox Menu button.
  2. Then go to Settings -> Preferences.
  3. Switch to Advanced tab and select "Content".
  4. Click "Blocked Content..." at the bottom.
  5. Click "Add..." and enter the URL you wish to block. Note that you need to include "www" as we did in Firefox.
  6. Click "Close" then "OK" and all done!!!


By now we have learned how to block any website in the top 3 popular browsers. So let's summarize what we have learned so far.

  1. Block any website in Firefox with BlockSite extension.
  2. Block any website in Chrome with Chrome Nanny extension.
  3. Block any website in Opera with the inbuilt feature.

That's all.

I hope you like my first hub and you are always welcome to give me tips and suggestions and I am always there to help you out with any related questions.


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    • profile image

      huzaifa 17 months ago

      same problem with me

    • profile image

      yunne 3 years ago

      yes,,I have same question with shaan.plz answer this man..

    • profile image

      shaan 3 years ago

      in opera 22 version when i go to settings there is no option of "preferences". what should i do