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How Camtasia Music Improves Your Video Tutorials

Updated on June 19, 2009

Not all people would like to read articles on how to deal with certain things, most people prefer watching videos on how to do things and stuff rather than scan pages or do a google search because watching, sitting back while putting a headset on is much more convenient. Even I myself would go directly to video sharing sites to see how things work.

When looking for video tutorials, I usually go directly to video sharing sites such as youtube and the likes. Camtasia Studio has been the most successful and popularly used screencast software to create a video tutorial. While there may be a lot of videos submitted and posted online that are actually similar to each other, what set's apart a good video from a bad video is the composition itself. A good video starts and ends with music while a bad video are filled with crackles, static noises, throat clearing, awkward pauses and even spoken words that should not be a part of it. This factor alone separates the professional from the amateur.

Adding camtasia music changes the feel of your video entirely but beware, not all music are good enough to be used as a music plugin. Using music or soundtracks from pop artists are not even a good idea because it would just make your tutorial look cheaper and not just that you may be violating the federal law against using unauthorized music.

When choosing a music plugin to create presentations, compiled music or packages such as Producers pack 3 actually saves you time and money from downloading individual tracks. And one of the best thing about it, is that it adds a "Professional Studio" feel in every video or audio projects because the songs are originally composed from TSN (The Sports Network), The History Channel, Discovery, local cable channels, and other networks. With it you can improve your videos and build your reputation as a professional.


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