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Identify and Decrease EMF Levels in Your Home with a Few Simple Changes

Updated on October 8, 2015

What are EMFs and where do they come from?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. These harmful fields are generated by a variety of sources, including both electrical and non-electrical items. Non-electrical sources include items such as metal plumbing and wiring found in walls; and electrical sources quite simply include any device that uses electricity to operate. With this in mind, just how many electrical devices do you use and come in contact with every day? In fact, how dependent is society on electricity?

EMFs and YOU

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What Can EMFs Do to Me?

Prolonged exposure to EMFs can cause serious damage to the body and brain. It can result in side effects as minimal as headaches and nausea to much more severe symptoms such as the onset of asthma, dememtia, and Alzheimer's Disease. We all know that it's nearly impossible to find homes today that aren't riddled with electricity, so what can one do to reduce EMF exposure without hosting a yard sale featuring all things electronic? Even though we can't just cut electricity out of our lives, implementing just a few simple steps will drastically decrease your EMF exposure and in turn, the side effects it causes.

EMFs and YOU

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You Don't Have to Throw Out All of Your Electronics

Even though many of our most prized and useful possessions emit high EMF levels, like our cell phones, laptops, tablets, refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, video game consoles, televisions, alarm clocks, and countless more fun and practical appliances and devices, there are simple steps you can take to lower your exposure considerably without parting with all of your tools and toys.

Since there's no need to sift through your beloved belongings and get rid of them one by one just because their EMF emissions are high, you can focus your energy on making a few small changes in your daily routines to reduce the EMF levels in your home.

A Few Simple Tricks Include:

  • Move your alarm clock across the room
  • Unplug as many devices and small appliances (like toasters, can openers, printers, lamps, etc.) as you can when not in use, especially by the head of your bed
  • Never use a laptop directly on your lap; always use a lap pad, protector, or desk
  • Never use wireless devices while they’re charging, like cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • If you have cordless phones, move their bases away from areas in which you spend a lot of time and limit your use on the handset(s)
  • Decrease your time using these devices like hairdryers, which are one of the highest sources of EMFs
  • Rearrange applicable areas, especially bedrooms, to increase your distance from EMF sources
  • Use speakerphone or ear buds to talk on your cell phone as often as possible
  • Remove your cell phone from your pocket. Place it on a table, desk, or other surface besides your lap
  • Use batteries rather than electricity, like a battery-operated shaver
  • Do not use electric blankets
  • If you’re extremely dedicated, you can even sleep with your head at the footboard of your bed to increase the distance between your head and the wiring in the walls

EMFs and YOU

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Remember, electronics are not the only sources of EMF. The wiring in your walls, metal piping, cell phone towers, power lines, and other sources emit EMFs as well, but for now, you can start with addressing the electrical EMF sources in your home. There are incredible devices that are smaller than your cell phone available online that detect and measure EMF levels. These tiny machines allow you to precisely measure and even pinpoint EMF sources to help you determine which steps to take next on your road to EMF reduction.

Decreasing your exposure even slightly will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Watch an Impulse EMF Meter in action!



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