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Finding A Reliable Parts Washer Company? (Or Any Quality Company?)

Updated on February 15, 2010

In this current economy, it is time to use caution when selecting who to trust when making a purchase deposit on a parts washer. Recently, a 37 year old manufacturer of washers in St. Louis closed its doors after taking several hundred thousand dollars in customers' deposits. A contractor’s company lost eighty thousand dollars in deposits that were made on two large heavy-duty washers. This contractor also had a penalty clause in their supply contract making the delivery date a critical issue.

Quality Systems became involved when the contractor contacted us after learning what had happened. We were able to connect them with one of our suppliers who had an open slot in their production. This supplier fast tracked the project which involved the need to quickly procure pumps and other components. The washers were produced in record time and the runoff was on schedule. This saved them a penalty of thirty thousand dollars per day.

Most parts washer companies are small businesses and must first have a deposit to manage their cash flow to keep costs low. So how do you find a reliable company?  In the case I mentioned previously, this St. Louis manufacturer had a checkered history.  They had been forcet to take bankruptcy on several occasions. A search of public records (using the internet) could have shed some light on this company. The next step should be a plant visit as owners usually welcome you and will openly discuss how they maintain a stable business operation.

There are many reliable companies the can be found by using tools available in this electronic age. Finding the right supplier is a matter of investigation and due diligence. Our company can be a reliable source for your cleaning needs. For more information or to view our aqueous washer lines, please visit us at our website.


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