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How Does Globalization Impact The Internet

Updated on March 26, 2014

Internet Users

The Early Days

Internet spear headed social and business changes into cities across entire nations, bringing them closer together. With the internet’s form of instant communication people can network, trade, and e-mail across 24 time-zones.

Personal computers and their improved microprocessors in the early 90s first popularized the idea of collaborating sound, video, and graphics with text to create multimedia entertainment. By the mid 90s the personal computer was not just an advanced typewriter anymore; it developed into a valuable form of communication in popular culture. The internet was once looked upon as a threat to the existence of radio broadcasters, the technology is now embraced as a way to boost their ranks and sell more advertising. The innovations that the worldwide web, has brought to radio now provides coverage of major events, and web based radio stations across the globe.


The Impact of MP3 Technology

The introduction of compression technology which combines music data into smaller files enabling the users to download their favorite songs and play whenever they want is known as MP3. Although research has indicated already, that TV ratings were down due to people spending more time online. Potential still holds for the future of the web becoming more like TV. Several websites already are streaming news coverage, TV programming segments, sports, and movies directly released online. Another example of the impact of internet is colleges and universities are offering degrees online. Students are able to finish coursework, participate in discussions, and touch base with professors through their personal computers.

The development of the telephone was found as an electronic extension of interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is different from other forms of communication because few partners are involved. The partakers are in a close connection to each other, vast sensory channels are used, and response is instant. Internet broadcasting has allowed real-time audio, video, radio, and TV to reach desktop computers over ordinary phone lines by compressing data and narrowing bandwidth. The web has impacted the world so much that people first find information on politics, religion, media, movies, fashion styles, television, and shopping all online.

In Your Opinion

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How to Use Social Media

Social Media has impacted the web in ways unimaginable. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube all have transformed the internet into an epicenter of social interaction. Through the use of social networking sites, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and forums; users are able to share pictures and music. Chat with one another, listen to their favorite podcast, and network among the various content platforms available. With content communities like YouTube, users can reach out to thousands of viewers online. Share comments, ideas, and even links to their own pages which is what many tubers are doing online right now. First founded in 2006, Twitter is the largest SMS system of the internet today. Twitter is directly responsible for the explosion of “hash-tagging,” amongst users of all social networking sites. Hashtags are simply keywords one can place along with their tweet or message, which drives people to your page who have typed that particular keyword into the search engine. When you are placing hashtags, you don’t want to place too many on your link. Because too many characters will actually place your page lower in the rankings and the idea is to drive more people to your page.

The Many Uses of E-Commerce

Electronic Business has paved a way for the future regarding e-commerce sites, internet banking and bill pay. Many internet users find the necessity of internet business extremely useful. There is nothing you cannot find on the web, a person can literally look up any answer to a question online if they know where to look. E-commerce is generally attributed to internet business. The buying and selling of products in an online marketplace has vastly expanded to not just the exchange of products but a virtual world where a person can take online college courses, seek employment, and even work from home. Internet banking and bill pay are becoming a social norm in today’s society, with the use of smart phones a person can quickly transfer funds and pay bills with the click of a button. 10 Years ago nobody could have for-seen the impact the internet has on society today.


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