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How Does Snapchat Decide Best Friends?

Updated on October 21, 2015

Making the Most out of the Snapchat Best Friends Features

Snapchat is a social media app designed to encourage spontaneity among friends. This app has transformed the traditional way of chatting or texting, by allowing users to have fun with their conversations. There are many features designed to enhance the way this app is used, one of the most common features is Snapchat best friends.

The best friends feature is a list of your friends that you have chatted with most frequently. Snapchat best friends utilizes a formula in which the frequency of snaps and chats among friends are calculated and scored. This creates your best friends list, which can change depending on your snapping and chatting habits with these friends. This list provides you with a convenient way to snap and chat with some of your friends. The time frame used to calculate your best friends is within the past 7 days. Therefore, as mentioned previously, the list may change from time to time.

The default setting for this app is to list the 3 friends you chat with the most as your snapchat best friends. However, you have the option of setting this to 5 or 7 friends, depending on what your preference is. This list is displayed at the top of your contact lists, with gold stars affixed to each name. In addition, the score of your snapchat best friends is also on display. The score is based on snaps that originate from you to the other user. This information can be found on your profile which is public, yet the best friend feature is stated as being discreet and no one else can see this information. Of course it is commonly known that there are times when an apps' feature doesn't work as planned, therefore it needs to be redesigned and debugged. It doesn't mean the feature is a failure, it just means it needs to be updated.

Snapchat best friends is no different, this component of Snapchat has been enhanced to include friend emojis. The emojis can only be seen by you, which offers an enhanced privacy element which appeared to be missing from the original best friends feature. These emojis represent a certain status between you and one of your friends.

What do the snapchat best friend emojis mean?

With the emojis, you can easily view the type of snapchatting relationship that you have with this particular user. Some of these symbols are mentioned below:

1. Hearts-

  • A. Gold - Represents the friend you snap and chat with the most- this is also known as your best friend.
  • B. Red- This stands for 2 weeks of being best friends with one another, while
  • C. Pink- Indicates that the two of you have been best friends for 2 months.

2. Fire Symbol- This represents a consecutive relationship that you share with this user of sending snaps back and forth. In front of this symbol a number is displayed, which symbolizes the number of consecutive days that you have been chatting with one another. If you fail to keep up the streak, then the counter starts all over again.
3. Smile- Sometimes there are times when you send a lot of snaps to a person, who is not considered to be your best friend. This person will have a smile emoji dictating this.
4. Smirk- A smirk emoji represents that relationship where you are listed as one of their best friends. However, the same does not ring true for them.

This is just a small list of ways to differentiate who your best friends are, as well as the type of best friend that they represent. It is also a convenient way to determine how to change the snapchat relationship that you have with this person. Perhaps you wold like to move them from being a person that you frequently snap to one that is your best friend, send more snaps. The secret to changing your snapchat best friends, is to change how you snapchat with these users.

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How Do You Hide Snapchat Best Friends?

In order to hide, remove, or even delete best friends, it requires a little manipulation of the best friend feature. This is done by using the function of blocking and unblocking a friend. The procedure is simple and only takes a moment of your time. You simply tap on the best friend you choose to alter and tap the block button, This allows you to erase their score, which in turn will alter their current standing in your list. To add the person back to your list so that you are able to send snaps, you do the same steps except you will tap the unblock button. This allows you to modify your best friends list with ease.

How do you change snapchat best friends?

Snapchat best friends is a compilation of those that you interact with most frequently. While there isn't a specific button that you can press to change these best friends or remove them, there is a process that you can perform in order to "choose" who you want your best friends to be based on the system that is used by Snapchat. The purpose behind this feature is to make you aware of how often you are sending snaps to these snapchatters. The intention is not to make you carry guilt about not snapchatting with a particular individual, however it is meant to bring to your attention that you may not be communicating with this person as often as you might think. It gives you food for thought, basically hinting who you need to chat with more often.

The one thing you don't have control over, is the amount of snaps that you receive from snapchatters. Which means that although they could be your best friend, you may not be theirs and vice versa. The prior version of this feature carried a number of limitations. Privacy was the biggest issue, since the default setting allowed other users to see the top 3 individuals that you snap chatted with most frequently. This created many problems and issues among users, especially those in relationships. However, once the updated version of Snapchat best friends was rolled out, this issue was placed on the back burner. With the updated version, you are more in control of what you do and how the emojis are assigned.

Although this technological feature of this app was designed with good intentions, you have to keep in mind that there could be flaws within the system. This means having the knowledge of what to do in certain situations will allow you to fully benefit from this app. If all else fails, the process of manipulation is an option that can be applied to allow you to have control over your best friends.


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