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How Domed Labels Give Products the Added Branding Oomph

Updated on March 15, 2016
Label and Tag Options
Label and Tag Options

If you have products that are good but do not have the kind of impact that you want it to have, or if your products do not have that double-take factor that makes people take a look at it a second time, it might be a good idea to invest in a tag or label that can do this for you. This does not mean that your product is lackluster or not good enough for the populace. It just means that no matter how efficient or useful your product is, if it does not capture the attention of your target market, you won’t see it flying off the shelves, so to speak.

Having a brand tag that makes people look at your product again will help give it the attention it needs in order to give it a fighting chance at becoming something big. This means that you should try to make a label or tag that is not only representative of your brand but also eye-catching. To do this, you need to focus not only on how you put together your brand and your logo, but also what materials you use to create the tags that you will attach to your products.

Metallic and Aluminum Foil Tags
Metallic and Aluminum Foil Tags

Options That You Have for Brand Tags That Are Attention-grabbing

When you have your logo and company brand ready for adding to your tags, you will be given a few options to choose from. Some of these options will include tags made out of plastic, metal, paper, and aluminum foil. A lot of companies go for aluminum foil labels when presented with this selection, primarily because these have a metallic appearance in a thin guise that is not heavy or difficult to manipulate.

Aluminum foil labels can indeed be noticeable and can make a person take notice of the item it is on because of its shiny and sophisticated appearance. These are also durable and can be easily affixed to any surface, flat or curved. Depending on what adhesive you choose to use with these tags, you can also expect these tags to be easy to apply on somewhat rough yet clean surfaces.

Of course, aluminum foil labels are not the only tagging options you have when it comes to finding a label that is noticeable. Other materials you can choose include vinyl, thin metal nameplates, and embossed metal tags. The latter is a great pick if you are thinking of using these branding tags on products that are exposed to harsh elements and the outdoors. This is because embossed tags are very durable and can withstand bumps, scratches, and dings due to how it is made.

Domed Labels vs Flat Labels
Domed Labels vs Flat Labels

Giving Your Tags Extra Protection and Oomph

While all of the abovementioned tagging options are well suited to your need for a tag that can capture the attention of prospective buyers, you should be aware that this is not the end-all and be-all of tag creation. You can actually create more eye-popping tags that are not only great to look at but are also extra durable. How is this done? This can be achieved with the help of a doming process that creates shiny, 3-dimensional looking brand tags from any existing tag that you already have.

Yes, doming is a process that can help make your meh tags into wow ones after the urethane dome applied on top dries to a clear yet solid mass. What this doming process gives to your tags is a 3-D look that is both riveting and protective. You will capture your target market’s attention with this curvy, shiny, and unique looking tag while protecting the brand that is printed underneath.

If you are thinking of giving your tags that extra oomph with the help of a domed top, then you should make sure of a few things first. One is that for your domed labels to look as impressive as they should, opt to dome tags that are printed with bright and distinct colors. Doming tags that have dull and lackluster colors will only highlight how dull and lackluster the colors of your tags are.

Two, make sure that the label material you are doming can withstand the heat of the molten urethane top. These tops are applied in liquid form, then hardens to a clear dome top. This means that these are hot when they are applied and hardens as they cool. If you use tags made out if thin plastic or some other material that will warp or distort after the hot urethane is applied, you will have warped tags.

Three, make sure that the place on the product you are to use these tags on are not to be placed on a flat surface. Not only will placing these tags at the bottom of your products going to defeat the purpose of making these eye-catching, but it will also make these products teeter due to the domed shape of the tag. Use these only when your products have a free surface where a domed tag can be properly attached and be useful to it.


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