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We’ve Come (and Gone) a Long Way: How GPS has Changed the Way We Travel

Updated on November 22, 2010


Recently, a friend and I were talking about how GPS and the Internet has made travelling so much different from when we were kids. After all, today’s society has numerous choices for finding out how to get from Point A to Point B. Need a South Carolina map? Then just go online and pull any region or even type of map you may need-whether it is the best hiking spots in America or exploring the shoreline of a specific area, you are able to find a website that certain to have the information you need. Not only can you go online, but now many of us have GPS units in our car making impromptu trips –even in a city where we may only know the barest of information about- a simple as typing in a location and waiting for the turn by turn directions to be given to us-whether via pictures only or with verbal commands. So what other benefits can be gleaned from having a GPS? Here’s few from the experts.


1.      The “panic” button. When the button is pressed an operator can listen in on the conversation and can help you out or alert the authorities.

2.      Your car will never lose your car at a event or mall. The GPS service will track the car for you and send its lights flashing.

3.      In the case of a carjacking or your vehicle being stolen, a GPS system will track the vehicle and the authorities will be able to get it back in no time.

4.      A GPS ensures that you are never lost.

So, how did we get along for so long without these benefits of GPS? The same way those without a GPS system do, you learned to plan ahead and to stop and ask for directions. Of course, it’s much easier to just take advantage of a GPS system or the many programs and maps online. But this is still a vast improvement over the days of our childhood, when paper maps were a must.


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