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How GPS and VoIP Systems are Transforming Canadian Businesses

Updated on March 19, 2012

The wide spread availability of VoIP and GPS tracking systems is rapidly transforming how Canadian businesses operate. These powerful and innovative technologies make internal and external communication and remote data access easier than ever before. If you are in business, but not using these technologies, here is some background to help you determine their utility for your enterprise.


GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. It is a U.S. owned and operated system of satellites that provide precise location, navigation and time information for the user. Originally designed for the military, GPS has a vast range of exciting civilian applications. Many innovative gadgets owe their popularity to GPS. They are commonly found as automobile navigation systems and stand alone systems for outdoors enthusiasts. Cell phones such as the IPhone 4 integrate GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular towers to help you find your way.

Business Applications

GPS systems are popularly used in fleet tracking systems, where they help businesses with shipping operations manage costs and run their businesses more efficiently. GPS tracking systems employ sophisticated software that allows business owners and managers to measure factors like engine start ups and stops, idle times and speed. GPS tracking systems are ideal for any business that sends their employees out on the road regularly.

Other Satellite-based Services

GPS is not the only satellite-based service available to businesses. A number of telecommunications companies offer satellite phone rental services. These companies provide global phone coverage for businesses with operations in ocean areas, in the air and in remote locations that cannot be reached by mobile or traditional landlines.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In the simplest terms, VoIP is a technology that allows you to talk with someone else using an internet connection. Though originally developed for the transmission of data, advances in technology have made it possible to transmit the human voice via the Internet. Some of the most popular VoIP systems include Google Talk and Skype.

Advantages of VoIP Systems for Canadian Businesses

The number of businesses using VoIP commercial telephone services in Canada has mushroomed. VoIP providers no longer require businesses to change to their phone numbers. And because VoIP is easy to set up, your business can have its new phone system up and running within a day. A VoIP system’s broad functionality also makes it more attractive than that of a more tradition telephone. Some more important advantages for businesses include:

Low Cost

Many VoIP providers offer low rates and unlimited long-distance calling in a flat monthly rate. They also offer both unlimited domestic and international plans.

Multi-party Calling

Most VoIP providers will offer free 3-way calling. You should ensure you and your partners have sufficient bandwidth. This has been a problem in the past for smaller businesses.

Web-based voice mail

This enables users to listen to their voice mail via any computer branched to the Internet.

Integration with Existing Communications Platforms

As VoIP communication systems expand in popularity, businesses are challenged to find ways to integrate VoIP with their existing communications platforms. Industry leaders are meeting this challenge rapidly with a range of innovate technologies such as Nurse Call Monitoring Panels in the healthcare system, which simplifies data access and communication for all users.

Satellite systems like GPS and VoIP communication systems are rapidly transforming the way Canadians communicate and work. As Canadian businesses reach out to new, international markets, these technologies become imperative to their continued growth and competiveness.

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    • profile image

      vincent laflamme 6 years ago from sherbrooke

      VoIp are very nice Gustave. It is a lot much cheaper than regular phone and it works as well.

    • profile image

      Gustave Asselin 6 years ago from Montreal

      Great Hub! I'm personally planning to get VoIP phones for my business.