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How I fake Professional Photos with iPhone?

Updated on September 18, 2017

Do your photos look blurry, dark or is there so much noise in them? There are a few tricks to fake professional photos with your iPhone, be it iPhone 5 or iPhone 7.

The below photo :

At Piazza Navona, Rome,
it is taken with iPhone 5,
at the evening around 6pm

The best way to capture beautiful photographs is by using professional cameras. However, you can always take great photos even by using iPhone and then editing it by the best photo apps built for this matter.

I use iPhone5 by the way, and the photo below, is the result of its camera, plus my special photo editing apps.

The secrets to fake such a good photo:

1. Cleanse your lenses well with a tissue. Just try it, it will make a huge difference.

2. Focus your photo. I usually have the ‘grid’ option checked, so I try to have the main object squeezed in the middle square.

3. Tap on the screen and turn up the light. It will brighten up the whole photo.

4. You can always use apps like: Afterlight, VSCO, Snapseed or ProCam to get rid of the yellowish that may appear on some of your photos, or to put some effects on them. Snapseed also has the options that will blurry the photo just enough, so no noise appears on the final edition.

Rome | Source

There’s only one secret to fake professional photographs: Have as much light as possible falling on your object, so it doesn’t come out dark or noisy.

However, if the photo comes out dark, I take advantage of Snapseed to add some “drama” which will clarify the photo. I also use Snapseed to edit ‘Ambiance’ which actually works like magic and you can edit the whole photo into the real colors that you actually see. (You can also edit the brightness and contrast in this app, two options that make a HUGE difference.)

Then I will use VSCO if I want to add a little more life, or fade the photo. Even though it is obvious that some effects are added to the photo, still the photo comes out pretty vibrant, full of life, and it really seems like I have used Photoshop (which I sometimes do, but most of the times I want to post the photo in real time, so I will trust my apps).

© 2017 Enchel


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