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How I fixed "this webpage has a redirect loop"

Updated on July 2, 2015

Are you looking to fix the "this webpage has a redirect loop" error on Google Chrome? You are not alone, few days ago I was in the same position and I was searching the web with the aim to find a quick fix.

I would like first and foremost to state that while deeply searching for what could be the remedy to my problem, I found many other people in the same situation, and I noticed many were getting healed but not from the same "drug", funny right? Imagine patients suffering from the same illness but not the same drug having the same effect on each of them?

Anyway just to iterate that the "this webpage has a redirect loop" may have more than one cause.

How I fixed the "this webpage has a redirect loop" on Chrome

At first I thought this error could be related to the site I was trying to visit, but while using another internet browser I noticed the issue was related to my Google Chrome.

First I thought about my browser history and cookies which I primarily cleared from the beginning of time, but this did not solve the issue (many found this to solve the error, you might want to start from this).

Second and Last I reset my chrome browser settings.


Resetting your browser will clear your Passwords, Cache, Form data, Cookies and will disables all extensions and themes as well.

How to reset your browser settings


Click on Show Advanced settings

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and click on Reset Settings

Click on Reset and your are done.

Last words

This has been what I found to be the trick that helped me fix the "this webpage has a redirect loop" chrome error. Hope this helped, if it did not, please make sure you come back and share what you found to be your remedy for this Chrome error to help others too.


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