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How I Gained Over 900 Followers On Twitter In 3 Weeks

Updated on March 31, 2015

3 Weeks ago I was sitting at a measly 164 followers on twitter. I was actively tweeting, trying to engage an audience, inform them, make them laugh and, just trying to my 2 cent into the world of inter webs and 2 cents is was what my social media life was worth. I was tired of being ignored like the middle child of social media. I set out to change that. I have done so successfully.

In the 3 weeks time I am now at 1,078 followers with hundreds interacting with my every tweet. This did not come by luck, I have been working non-stop these last few weeks to put a dent in the soft cement of the internet. These are some of the things I learned on my way to Internet immortality.

Follow The Right People

By all means if you want to know what Katy Perry had for lunch than I say go to for it (its probably gluten free and you can’t afford it), but she never know what you are doing because you have a better chance of dating Katy Perry than getting a follow from her.

If you are only following hollywood celebrities, athletes, and your close friends, you are never going to get your followers to grow. The best way to gain new followers is by following people who’s expertise is in social media and marketing.

Check out this list of the best social media experts to follow and follow every one of them. not only will consistently post advice on how to grow your social media footprint, but most of them will follow you back.

Also within this community their follows will begin to follow you and a snowball effect will occur and you will see a huge spike in followers right away.

Provide Great Content

You are starting to acquire some followers, but how are you going to keep them? You need to give them a reason.

Start to write. Write as much as you can I’m not telling you to go out and write the greatest American novel (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter already took care of that), but by writing some informative articles, it will keep your new followers engaged.

If you are sports junkie, write about the top sports news. Lover of sci fi? write about the best new sci fi projects coming out. If you’re handy and creative, people love to learn about decorating and fixing things in their home.

You need to find what you are passionate about go from. If you have the knowledge, you will have no problem writing throughout articles that inform and entertain your audience.

By finding your niche and going with it, others with your same interests will seek you out and if they like you they will follow and share your ideas.

Make sure that you get someone else to proofread your articles before you post them. A fresh pair of eyes will catch the mistakes you might have missed. Nothing will get your audience to clear out faster than trying to read an article filled with grammatical and spelling errors (except maybe a surprise Nickelback concert.

Sharing Others Content

Remember in kindergarten when you were grading on how well you shared with others? I dominated that part, and coloring, I was a master at staying in the lines. Hopefully you also gained important sharing skills because that will help you in the social media world.

If you are providing your own content, that's great and you should definitely rely on your content to build an audience, but sharing other people’s content is another great way to gain followers.

As you go through your timeline and you read an article you enjoyed, do not hesitate to retweet it especially if you think its something your followers might also enjoy.

When you someone sends out a tweet, every user that retweets and favorites the tweets are mentioned, it’s like free advertising.

Retweeting can also help you gain a relationship with that particular person, and as you post your own content, that person might reciprocate a retweet and in result could see an influx for followers through their network.

Using Hashtags and Photos

If you’re providing some great content but your tweets are getting as much attention as hygiene at music festival, than you could be missing some important keys.

Using hashtags and photos in every tweet is critical in getting people to view your content

According to the social media site Buffer:

Tweets with an image received 89% more view

Tweets with an image were clicked on 18% more times

Tweets with an image received 150% more retweets

You can't argue with those statistics.

The right hashtag and photo will get new people with your similar interest to view your content.

Keep the hashtags to a minimum, 3 at the most, but also hashtag the worlds that are the true meaning of what you're trying to say to your audience. Make sure your photo is also relevant to your topic. Don’t try to fool people with flashy or sexy images just for a click. It may work the first time, but people will get turned off by it and you’ll steadily see your clicks and follows dwindle to a still.

Interacting With Your Followers

You’re gaining the followers. Good for you.

Just like myself, waking up every morning and receiving an abundance of notifications from the new followers feels great. Its like your whole life you were that kid that was always pick last in gym class, and now the captain that lost rock, paper, scissor is mad because they know they’re about to feel your kickball wrath.

Now it is time to establish personal connections with your followers.

If a follower retweets your tweet, thank them, ask them what they enjoyed about it. Whenever someone mentions you on twitter, interact with them.

Showing all your follower that you appreciate them will encourage them to share more of your content to their followers which could convert them into your followers and cycle will continue to grow.


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