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How I got my Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria

Updated on October 15, 2012

It's the Kindle fire HD baby!

Amazon just recently released their latest version of the Kindle series and this one is called Kindle Fire HD. I guess I may be one of the first buyers from Nigeria given that I didn't buy mine from a local store but from online orders using a channel that is probably not yet popular in Nigeria.

What most people in Nigeria probably don't know is that they can order for any item they want whether it is for personal or business use and get them shipped to Nigeria in as little as 5 days via DHL. I mean, with a reliable internet connection and a debit card that is globally acceptable, what more would be an obstacle to your online shopping?

I've always wanted to have something like a Kindle and have monitored their progress over the years to the Kindle Fire and now with the Kindle fire HD, I guess 2012 would not pass me by. If you ask me, I would prefer having a Kindle fire HD than having a blackberry - Don't mind the blackberry craze in Nigeria

How did I get my Kindle Fire HD in Nigeria?

Well, first of all I ordered it from Amazon after paying with my cash, got it shipped to a US address and got it finally shipped to Nigeria and this involves using legal means, no illegalities involved. In as little as 7 days total, I got in Nigeria via DHL service I had been tracking.

  1. Got a Mastercard from Zenith bank
  2. Ordered for a US mail forwarding address
  3. Browsed through Amazon and ordered for the Kindle Fire HD
  4. Went to checkout and made payment
  5. Shipped to US address while billing address remained Nigeria which is my card's registered address
  6. Ordered for final shipping to Nigeria after paying another $65 as dhl fee
  7. Got it at home address in Nigeria within 5 days

What Kindle Fire HD can do in Nigeria

Even though you may not be able to tap into Amazon's cloud or large collection of books from the library, you can still do quite a lot with the device in Nigeria such as browsing the web using Wifi, watching videos on YouTube, viewing movie trailers, listening to music, copying your own videos and music to it, adding your own books too and computer files like pdf, doc, pictures and so on..

How much did it cost? Well the Kindle Fire HD costs $199 and then shipping to Nigeria about $65 while getting a US shipping address costs and additional $10 at the least so in total that would be $(199+65+10) = $274 which would be about N41,100 at an exchange rate of N150.


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