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How I installed Google Chrome browser on my Kindle Fire HD

Updated on December 17, 2012

Been using the Kindle Fire HD a lot lately and have installed a ew number of aps on it. These apps normally come in form of .apk files which when opened in Kindle, tend to easily get installed.

In order to install a Chrome browser on a Kindle Fire HD, you'd need to simply get the .apk file downloaded to your device one way or the other and this is just a story of how I got it installed on my device.

Things you'll need

  1. Google Chrome beta apk file (about 16.2mb)
  2. Kindle Fire HD with disk space
  3. ES explorer

Kindle Fire doesn't directly approve of Google chrome browser

Kindle is owned by Amazon and Chrome is owned by Google and the two are competitors. Amazon has got it's own Kindle browser called the silk browser while Google's own is called chrome. So It's normal for Amazon not to list the Google chrome browser app in its appstore and considers it as a third party software it doesn't approve of or guarantee it's safety on Kindle. So, trying to install Google chrome directly from a silk browser would prove hard.

How I installed Google Chrome

  1. Allowed third party installations by going to More > Devices > Allow third party installation from the pull down menu
  2. I made sure I already had ES explorer installed. You can get it free from
  3. Got the apk file for Google Chrome from a trusted site e.g. You can get it from your peers too.
  4. Downloaded and copied to Kindle from computer
  5. Opened the file with ES explorer and installed it.
  6. Opened up Google Chrome and synchronized my bookmarks

What I can do with Google Chrome on Kindle

Having Google chrome browser on my Kindle Fire HD has allowed me to do a lot of things similar to what I normally use chrome for on my desktop. You can use the same bookmarks and settings you use on Chrome on different platforms as long as you are signed into Chrome. I can open multiple tabs, view different displays and also have the option to choose a browser when I click on a web link from Kindle. Chrome works a bit differently from Silk browser but they tend to have a similar principle.


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