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Virgin Mobile Hotspot Product Review

Updated on March 11, 2015

Why I chose this for my internet service

I decided to try the Virgin Mobile Internet Hotspot after my Verizon service was turned off after falling behind on my bill. I had already removed my cable service and Home telephone from Comcast and went to free television via a digital converter box and cell phone only. After seeing an add for the Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro I thought I would see what the cost was. The device itself was on sale for about fifty dollars. The regular price is about one hundred and twenty dollars. Along with the device you have to pay thirty five dollars a month for internet access. Another thing I like about it is there is no contract, pay as you go.

What You Get

The Overdrive Pro device allows for up to 5 wireless devices to connect to the internet on the 3G or 4G network. You can also connect it to your desktop computer via the USB cord provided. Wireless devices can still connect even when the device is connected via USB to the desktop. The device itself is a small black box with a small screen that gives you basic information such as signal strength and how many devices are connected. It only takes a little time to set the device up and connect to the internet as well as load the drivers on to your desktop. Virgin Mobile also offers several other similar devices at lower prices.

How It Performs

The 4G service is very fast and all my devices connected easily.Compared to Comcast or Verizon, this is much faster. It is also portable so I can take my internet anywhere I need access. The downside is that it is dependent on the satellite system so you do occasionally lose the signal due to weather conditions etc. much like satellite television. I like it because It is low cost per month and you install it yourself, no waiting from 9 AM to 5 PM waiting for someone to hook up the equipment. You can sign up for auto pay so your bill is always paid on time, or you can purchase a top up card. Overall after 1 month of using the Overdrive Pro I would say I am extremely satisfied.


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    • dustygi profile image

      dustygi 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the review. I've been considering getting the Virgin Mobile Hotspot. I've been a Virgin Mobile customer for over two years and can't believe people still over spend with limited messaging, data, and continue to agree to expensive contracts. Though I'm concerned it won't live up to my personal expectations for internet browsing, I like the idea of taking it with me on the go.