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How Java is a complete programming platform ?.

Updated on September 17, 2014


Java is one of the most widely used programming language. It is one of the best programming language. It is a programming language with some great features. It is not only a programming language, but it is complete development platform. Some of characteristics and features of Java are as follows -

Features of Java -



3.Object – Oriented


5.Network Oriented

6.High Performance





11.Architectural Neutral

In this video tutorial, you will learn how Java is considered a complete programming platform.

Video tutorial - How Java is complete programming platform ?.


Java is a simple programming language. It has clean syntax without pointers, header files, virtual base class and operator overloading. It has most of the features of C++ programming language. It came with removing all the poor and confusing features of C++ programming language.


Java is portable programming language. Portability means that you write code once and run same code on different machines without any problem. Languages such as C has no support for portability.

Object - Oriented Programming Language

Java is one of the powerful Object - Oriented Programming Language. Everything in Java has to deal with Objects. Objects provide code re-usability. Objects in Java communicate each other and execute business logic.


Java is highly Interpreted programming language. Java source code is first compiled into byte code and than byte code is interpreted by Java Virtual Machine. It provides advantage for runtime execution rather than old compile time execution.

Network Oriented

Java has good support for network capabilities. It has powerful API for support of TCP / IP protocol. Objects accessibility across network has been improved by making Java as network savvy language.

High Performance

Java is very powerful when it comes to performance issues. As, Java is interpreted programming language therefore, byte code interpretation is of high performance. Java has compilers which are JIT ( Just in time ) compilers. These just in time compilers makes Java a highly performance language.


Java is high robust programming language. Java was designed to make error detection at compile time , rather than at runtime. It does not support pointers hence, complex memory management is handled effectively. Thus, making this langauge highly robust in nature.


Java is highly secured programming language. As this language was designed to use with network and distributed environment, it had to be virus free and secure. It has support for the digital signature, which provides security for right author and code.


Java is highly dynamic programming language. It has all the great features which makes it future extendable. It can cope with new changes coming to programming language. It is language of future.


Java is highly multithreaded programming language. Java provides concurrency support through use of threads. Java threads are the small processes which gets executed concurrently. Operating system deal with threads getting executed. Multi-threading in Java have provided a wide support for server side development and game development.

Java is architectural neutral language. As, Java code is first compiled into byte code, this byte code is platform independence. This platform independence is architectural neutral. In order to interpret the Java byte code, it requires a interpreter which has nothing to do with hardware.

A simple Java program -

public class HelloWorld {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		System.out.println("Hello World !!!.");




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