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How Many Ways you Can Use Google Chromecast

Updated on November 18, 2013

Google Chromecast system allows you to transmit video content from the Internet to any HDTV TV that has a standard HDMI port, essentially turning your standard TV into a "smart TV". Currently there are not many applications available related this services. Other than Google Netflix provides this kind of service, but you can use this device long enough before any other alternative comes into market.

Run Chromecast on IOS and Android

Before you start using your Chromecast, you will need to connect to the Wi-Fi network in your home. Initially, this was only possible on an Android device or by using the browser on your computer. Now that Chromecast is also compatible with iOS devices, you can use your iPhone or iPad to configure and manage your electronic key if you prefer. No matter what mobile systems you have, you can use Chromecast application to configure wireless connections. If you have any problem configuring the system just give new name to the device and restart your system.

Download this android app for Chromcast.


Play Youtune videos on Chromecast

YouTube has almost everything you could possibly want to see. Whether it's a clip from an episode of the recent television show or a full-length movie, you will probably find them on YouTube. Using the YouTube application in Android or iOS, you can stream videos to your Chromecast. You can easily create a playlist using your Google account, either on the website or using the application (touch the '+' sign to revise the description of a video), and transmit it to Chromecast.


Play Google Music on Chromecast

Android users are already familiar with the Play Music application. As the Chromecast is a Google product, it is expected that Play Music is already available on Android. With Play Music user can stream music from their device using their TV speakers. User can store their playlists and music collection either on their device or in the cloud and can play music without any problems. Simply touch Chromecast button in the Play Music application, and select the track they want to play.


Play Netflix on Chromecast

Netflix is the only service that does not belong to Google, which is built-in support in Chromecast. To use Netflix on Chromecast, you need a netflix subscription and have the application installed on your Android or iOS device. Once you have everything configured, you can transmit any kind of content from Netflix to your Chromecast. A subscription to Netflix cost you US$ 7.99 a month for unlimited streaming in all your compatible devices.


Play Movies in Chromecast

If you are an Android user you probably know that with Play Music you can play Movies on your Android device. You can buy or rent a movie from a Google store and its installation is incredibly simple. Now you can stream content directly from the Chromecast. You can play movies, TV shows to your TV using Chromecast.


Make your TV as second monitor

You can connect your computer to Chromecast using Google chrome extension called Google cast. This requires a use of Google Chrome. Once you have installed the extension, you can easily send your entire screen of selected tabs in the extension menu by selecting down arrow and click 'show full screen'. This feature is still in beta testing and may not work as you expect.


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      Susan 4 years ago from India

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