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How Much Does A 3D Camera Cost

Updated on July 18, 2011

How much do they cost?

Everyone wants to be James Cameron and make the next Avatar.. But first you need a 3D camera...

3D Cameras are the next big thing! They came a little after the 3D HDTV have arrived, people can see 3D movies at home, but cant' yet take 3D pictures or movie clips. So everyone wants to buy a new 3D camera to check this wild new technology!

How much do 3D cameras cost ?

There are 3 levels of prices you will find when buying 3D cameras online.

$1000 or more - In this level you can buy the more professional 3D camcorders, the main one will be the Panasonic 3D camcorder. These cameras take Hi Definition movies with great features that actually allows you to film as close to James Cameron's technology used!

The $300-$500 In this level you may find today's most popular 3D cameras!

The two most popular and hi-tech 3D cameras both allowing you to take 3D pictures and 3D videos! They come with one or two lens,

These 3D cameras will enable you to film 3D movies to upload them to your computer or straight to your 3D HDTV ! They both have similar features. See the Fuji W3 3D camera review For more insights.

The W3 FinePix 3D Camera has two lens that take two separate pictures at the same time (like our eyes do) and combines them into one 3D image (like our brain does)!

The Sony 3D TX9 Camera has only one lens, and is able to produce a 3D panoramic scene when the button is pressed and the camera is moved panoramic, the TX9 3D camera takes all the pictures, stitches them together and produced a crystal clear 3D video of the scene!

Both 3D cameras come with rear LCD screen that allows you to see all the pictures or clips in live 3D without the need for 3D glasses ! And believe me that's Cool !


The Fuji FinePix 3D costs at Amazon

List Price: $599.99Price: $331.72 You Save: $268.27 (45%)

Buy It Online See The Amazon LInks Below.


The Sony price is quite similar Price: $398.00

Buy It Online See The Amazon LInks Below.



Below these you can find a surprising 3D camcorder that I think will be a huge success.

Now that YouTube supports 3D video playback all the way up to 720p! It is very predictable that soon enough people will need new and cheap 3D cameras to produce their 3D content.

Everyone is looking for a 3D camera for less than $200!

And there is one.. and it;s quite good too..

This cheap 3D camera for less than $200 will be the no'1 choice for all the young people and collage students who wish to make 3D clips of their wild parties and upload them to YouTube.. This 3D camera will be like a next big hit.

It's 3D camera, and 3D HD camcorder, it's made in the USA, it has a 3D display LCD.. a 3D software.. HDMI output.. and all this for less than $200 ! Amazing.

Find More On this: 3D camera for less than $200!


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