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Robots vs People

Updated on June 21, 2015

About The Article

Although the title may say "How Robots Are Bettering People" I do not prefer robotics over people (human beings). This article is to inform the reader of the advancements made in robotics and electronics which they might not have known about. You, the reader, might see this article to be a little frightening if you compare it to si-fi movies like the Terminator or the Matrix but you may also find these advancements very exciting if you are a fan of the Star Trek or Star Wars franchises.

Inventions and improvements include robots that can write songs to robots who are programmed to do services for its owner. One robot may be available simply through a purchase off of an online store like Amazon or Ebay while others you would need special permission to have access to. This article is an short informitive of only a few out of many technological achievements mankind has constructed and designed to their benefit weather it be for money, luxury, construction, or even creativity. All these inventions are not every day household items that the reader may not have even heard of.

These inventions intrigue me as I hope they intrigue you, which is why this will not be the only Robots vs People I write.

Theme is to represent the Matrix
Theme is to represent the Matrix | Source


Jibo is an 11"in tall robot meant for everyday household interactions including cooking, teaching, features similar to Skype, recording and learning your comforts, hobbies, and schedule. Some features you can easily teach Jibo to do is to turn on your house lights as you come home from work, remind you of appointments, teach him stories and jokes, and welcome you and tell you what time you got home.

Jibo Robot
Jibo Robot | Source

About Jibo:

Jibo is a home service robot weighing about 6 pounds and 1 foot tall. He is a very attentive service robot meant to do remind you of appointments, laugh at your jokes, tell you stories, calculate math for you, search the web, and even take pictures and videos for you and more. Here are some specifications about Jibo taken directly from

SIZE: approx. 11” tall, 6 “ base

WEIGHT: approx. 6 lbs

MATERIAL: aluminum, ABS plastic, glass

SENSORS: 2 color stereo cameras, 360° sound localization, Full Body touch sensors

MOVEMENT: 3 full-revolute axes, high resolution encoder, feedback control

DISPLAY: HD LCD touchscreen

SOUND: 2 premium speakers

LIGHTING: Full spectrum ambient LED


POWER: AC adapter & Battery

CONNECT: Wifi & Bluetooth

PLATFORM: Embedded Linux-based

PROCESSOR: High-end ARM-based mobile

Jibo Video

Jibo is unique and skillful. You can even download apps onto your Jibo known as "skills". Speaking of apps you can also get your own Jibo app on your phone available on the iOS and the Android markets. Jibo robots also have microphones and cameras adapted so you can communicate with others who also own Jibo or maybe just a laptop or smart phone. Jibo also is hands free and has advanced face tracking so the camera and screen follow you unless you tell Jibo otherwise. Jibo can take pictures and record video and audio if you ask him to. Jibo is expected to ship either in late 2015 or early 2016.

You can find out more at

Jibo vs Human

Although you may need to carry him around to where you want him to be, Jibo can easily replace a secretary. He obeys your every command, he is never late, he will always keep your documents organized, he is always polite, and he can even help your employees when they ask about work rules you have taught him, appointments that you or they might have, leaving messages, or even where you might be according to where you told him you were going. He also is much more cost effective, he doesn't take up much space, he can copy and print files on command, write sentences for you as you tell him to do so. Perhaps even video chat your employees on the other side of the office or separate floor and even perhaps a separate building if they have questions about a product or maybe if you need to tell them something.

Jibo costs under $1000 purchase compared to a secretary that requires a desk, computer, office space, and tens of thousands of dollars a year to work for you. Jibo also cant't hate his job, in fact, he loves it all the time every day and he never stops working.

Cool or Scary?

Is Jibo cool or scary?

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IBM Watson

Named after Thomas J. Watson, CEO of IBM, Watson is an artificial intelligence that can think, learn, answer questions, and even have ideas. But unlike other AI's Watson can answer these questions posed in natural language other than needing specific and detailed questions and keywords. He also doesn't use search engines. Instead Watson uses information from databases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauri. He the next step in artificial intelligence and is one of the most advanced and complex systems designed in the world.

What Is Watson

A Closer Look At Watson

Watson is programmed to follow structured forms of grammar and context. But what makes Watson so special is that it is also programmed to follow unstructured language such as different accents, cultural slang, slang context, abbreviations, tones, moods, all in many different languages. Everything about language and processing was considered by IBM engineers and programmers when they designed Watson everything that they will be constantly needing to update will already be learned by Watson as you or I or anybody on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google searches, or anything else written or searched on the internet will be studied by Watson so he can help people around the world in kitchens, pharmacies, and law firms, and perhaps design teams or architecture firms around the world think of new combinations and solutions to problems. Watson works around the clock twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week without any breaks constantly studying and working for individuals and companies around the world.

How Watson Learns

Watson's Specifics

Watson's specifics are as followed sourced from IBM's website:

Watson's Programming Is mostly written in Java but a lot of it is also written in C++ and Prolog

Uses UIMA-AS to scale Watson out over 2500 compute cores

Uses Apache Hadoop for computing

Operating System is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

RAM = 16 Terabytes

80 Teraflops (Because Hard Drives are too slow to access according to IBM)

IBM Watson vs Human

Watson could and is replacing researchers and librarians around the world. If you think about how often the average person goes to the library then think about the negative response that will have quantitatively. Watson is replacing thesauri, law and cooking books, dictionaries, and librarians around the world in kitchens, pharmacies, schools, and law firms. Colleges may start using this program as an alternative to textbooks and perhaps even libraries. Most Americans look something up online on Google or Bing instead of going to a library or even walking to the bookshelf. If this program is available on smartphones perhaps an English-speaking New Yorker could give fluent directions to a Thai-speaking bus driver in Bangkok with perhaps even with the correct cultural slang and context that a translating system like Google could not provide. Watson could be applied in many ways around the world to convenience people of all cultures everywhere.

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Emily Howell

David Cope with Emily Howell
David Cope with Emily Howell | Source

What Is Emily Howell?

Designed by David Cope in the 90's, ti is a computer capable of musical creativity and communication. She is completely creative and requires no human help whatsoever to create her own compositions. Although cope has taught Emily to write music more to his liking she still is able to write music to the likings of others. Her composition is so genius and beautiful that its hard to believe it wasn't written by a human. Although Emily is still learning how to compose music she can still do it extremely well and all on her own.

Emily Howell's Music

Emily's Specifics

Emily is designed using the following software, (sourced from


deja vu



Little was released on Emily Howell's design specifics. (I will update this post as soon as I learn more information on David Cope's designs and how he programmed Emily)

Emily vs Humans

Emily has written over 500 pieces of music and is continuing to write music for David Cope as he continues to teach her more styles of classic music. Perhaps some day Emily Howell will be available on your tablet or smartphone and she will write music for you in your own genre and to your own tastes weather it be Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, Electro, or even Classical Music. Maybe someday programs like this will be overpower human musicians and create music fit to every individuals likings shared over a network or store like iTunes making music easier to make and more accessible for all audiences.

Does Emily Sound Good To You?

Does Emily Howell's Computer Composed Music Sound Good?

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In Conclusion

Which is better? Robots or humans? Should we sacrifice a few professions so we can make life easier? Or should we be focusing on getting rid of robots so we can all have jobs big and small? Im going to play devil's advocate even to myself with every new robot I write about in my next series of blog posts about Robots vs Humans.

We as people rarely even recognize how our dreams in technology might already be here either good or bad. This article is a challenge to me because I can't take a side on this debate of economics and morals. Should we replace humans? Or should we replace robots? Is one more luxurious than the other or are they not? Is someone who is upset about being replaced in an automobile factory by a machine logically allowed to be when they themselves bout a car made by a machine? Perhaps what we should be asking ourselves is life better with new machines or without them? Perhaps shat we should be balancing in life is Robots vs Humans.


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