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How Thin Clients Can Replace Desktop PC

Updated on August 5, 2016

The Thin PCs works as a virtual desktop that uses residing network server's computing work. The client runs on an operating system which locally carries a flash memory rather than the hard disc memory. Unlike the desktop PCs, the thin client is cheap. They hardly have any hard drive or the memory storage space of any kind. The applications and the data is secured in the server. However, the advanced technology will give the user the look and feel of the Desktop PC's.

Browser based thin client.

If the user has a web-based application which runs on a browser then he or she can develop it a thin or a fat client, regardless of the fact that it runs on a browser. The user can develop an application that does not require to gather the data from the server. The programmer can develop an application which has only visual logic including the features like computations, calculations, etc. are performed by the server. The browser-based thin PCs are on Microsoft Windows CE embedded OS with all capabilities of the basic thin clients. The Windows CE features Internet Explorer for the web computing that has enough built-in power to run the local terminal emulation suite. The browser-based thin PC's are ideal for the small retail stores, customer care representatives, etc.

Who can use the thin clients?

Any desktop CPU can be replaced with a thin client. However, the compact hardware is more relevant in a setup that has more than one person sharing the same server space with others and quickly needs to access the data or a business application. These products are available in wide range to meet the user requirements. There are Thin PC's for the light and heavy industries as well. The Thin PCs are easy to mount and do not have rotatory parts like fans for cooling. The hardware can be easily replaced in few minutes. Instead of using the obsolete hardware, a new start-up business can consider a Thin client to put their servers to the maximum use at lesser power consumption.

Energy conserved is energy produced

Shifting from desktops to the Thin Pcs in your company, is you moving a step closer to becoming an environmentally friendly platform. The limited hardware device reduces 80-90% of the power consumption. A Thin client requires 8-15 watts of power, while a desktop PC consumes 60-100 watts of power. The server power consumed is about 7 watts per thin client.

Better safe than sorry

Security is always a concern to shift from the Desktop PC to a Thin client. IT requires attaching several number office based terminals including the mobile to the server and the network which is likely situation to be a security nightmare where the important data of the business is left vulnerable. However, the reality is, each client is highly secured. The user can discreetly access using a password. More secure systems can be used to access the data by using the unique one-off code that needs to be entered to access the device.

Shifting to Thin PC is not a costly affair. The shifting can be done by understanding your requirements, the working conditions and more importantly your future growth. If you have a small business, you can consider a cheaper version of the Thin client with a very powerful Windows 9 Pro Computer. This runs on multiple machines in Hyper-V with the windows 8 OS. You can opt for the enterprise server edition if you have several numbers of employees.

Thin Client LW 100
Quad Core 1.6GHz . 1GB 8GB Cortex A9 HDMI, VGA, USB*3, RJ45, Power supply port, Switch port, SPK*1, MIC*1
Thin Client LW 200
Dual Core 1GHz . DDR3 512MB 2GB ARM A9 HDMI, VGA, USB*3, RJ45, Power supply port, Switch port, SPK*1
Thin Client LW 120
Dual Core 1.2GHz . DDR3 512MB 4GB ALL Winner A20 HDMI, VGA, USB*5, RJ45, Power supply port, Switch port, SPK*1


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