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How To Add Blogspot Ecommerce With Ecwid

Updated on May 19, 2014

It's never been easier to set up a website and make money from it.

Using Blogger and Ecwid you can create a completely free* online shop in minutes. Here I'll show you how to add Ecwid to Blogger, what Ecwid is and a brief look at what you can use it for.

*While it is possible to make a site, including a web shop, without paying a penny, you may choose to upgrade your Ecwid account or choose extras such as a personal domain name that will cost a little.


What Is Ecwid?

Ecwid is a shopping cart that can be added to an existing website or blog. It's simple to use and they have different plans to suit different needs and budgets~ including a free plan!

Using AJAX technology, you can add a store to your site in minutes and even add a synchronized version to your Facebook page. There are over 35 ways to accept payments~including Paypal~ and several shipping options, including custom options.

How To Add Ecwid To Blogspot

  • Create a page on Blogger~ this will be where your products show~ make sure you are in HTML mode
  • Copy the code in the box under 1. Product Browser Widget Code as instructed on the Ecwid dashboard and paste onto your Blogger page~ publish the page.
  • In Blogger go to 'Layout' and create a new gadget in your sidebar~ choose the 'HTML/Javascript' gadget
  • (optional) In Ecwid, copy the box of code under 2. Bag Widget Code (recommended) and paste it into your Blogger gadget text area (see image)~ this is the shopping bag that will appear in your sidebar. You don't have to add a title to this box if you don't want to.
  • (optional) Copy the box of code under 3. Categories Tabs Widget Code (optional) and paste it before the code in step one on your shop page in Blogger. This will add category tabs to the page or...
  • (optional) ...Copy the box of code under ... or Categories Menu Widget Code (optional) and paste it either to the shop page or create a new HTML/Javascript gadget to have a category menu in your sidebar.
  • (optional) Copy the box of code under 4. Search Box Widget Code (optional) and paste it at the beginning of the code on your shop page~ this will add a search box for your store.


Set Up Your Ecwid Store

Don't forget to finish setting up your shop by adding your details. Work through the System Settings menu in your Ecwid account and make sure you complete as much as you can. Not doing this will mean people won't be able to pay you!

Editing Your Ecwid Shop

Ecwid add some sample products for you to get an idea of the look and workings of the store, so you can make any changes that are necessary. As you can see from the preview above that depending on your blog theme, the shop may not automatically fit into your page.

You may find it easier to edit your blog template to fit the shop rather than edit the actual shop which would require coding knowledge.

To edit the shop to suit your theme go to your Ecwid account then 'System Settings' > 'Design' and alter the code to suit your needs. I found just changing the thumbnail size (under 'Design Settings') to 125px was enough to align everything to fit nicely.

Make Money With Blogger

Blogger and Ecwid are very versatile~ especially when used together!

Many people make money from blogging through paid advertising or affiliate links, but putting a shopping cart on your blog can open up the possibilities further.

Using Ecwid on Blogger is ideal for:

  • Artists selling their creations
  • Writers selling self-published and digital books
  • Gift and merchandise shops
  • Musicians selling MP3's


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