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How To Add Images To Your FREE Rafflecopter Facebook Competition

Updated on August 12, 2014
How To Add Images To Your FREE Rafflecopter Facebook Competition
How To Add Images To Your FREE Rafflecopter Facebook Competition

If you're aware of the Facebook rules on giveaways, you'll also know that all competitions, of any sort, must be run in an app. Unfortunately many apps cost money to use. Fortunately, there are plenty of free ones.

Rafflecopter is easy to use and setup but an issue many users come across is adding images if they embed the app in their Facebook page. To easily add an image to the Rafflecopter Facebook app, you need to upgrade and pay a monthly fee.

However, with a little knowledge of code, you can easily add an image both at the top and bottom of the app, in any size or style you want.

Creating An Image To Use

You can create a free image using a site like Picmonkey, a free program like Gimp or Picasa or even by uploading your image to Google Plus and using their free image editing tool.

Uploading An Image To Use On Rafflecopter

Once you have your chosen image(s), to place your image above the Rafflecopter competition box, you'll first need to upload it somewhere online. If you have your own website, you can upload it there, then grab the URL of the image upload.

If you don't, here's a quick work around using Facebook.

1. Upload the image to Facebook, but in the privacy settings, set the image to "Me Only".

Once you've uploaded it, you'll need to click the image to open it up full screen. Once you've done this right click and click "Copy URL" or "Copy Image Location" (Varies depending on the browser you're using.) What you've just copied is the image location that you'll need in the next step.

How To Add An Image Above And Below Your Rafflecopter With Simple Code

Next you'll need to go into your Rafflecopter competition tab on your Facebook page.

Above and below the text will be a space where you can click to add content. To insert your photo, simply copy and paste the code below, and insert the URL of the image you've chosen.

[highlight color="cool-blue" style="style-1"]<center><img src="IMAGE URL"></center>[/highlight]

Facebook Rules

One of the most common reasons why Facebook pages get deleted, without warning, is when you go against the rules. Here is a link which provides further explanation of some of the other areas you should avoid to ensure your business page does not go missing overnight.

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