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How To Avoid Roaming Charges On your Cell Phone

Updated on December 9, 2009

I recently took a trip to Hawaii and in preparation did some research on how to avoid roaming charges. Here is how I successfully avoided roaming charges.

First of all you need to determine if you are roaming. If you look at your phone a little "R" will be displayed to indicate if in fact you are roaming. If so here is what to do....

You are not billed for receiving incoming texts or for calls you do not answer. However you are billed for checking voicemail, answering calls, using data and sending texts. These charges can vary depending on the service providers towers you are using. If you have a smartphone best to stick to using wireless hotspots to communicate with friends. Most hotels, cafe's and restaurants now provide you with free wi-fi. When connected to a wireless hotspot use applications such as skype or google talk. Personally I find Google talk works great and you can communicate with other's via smartphone or e-mail.

Also just to reassure you, if you do notice an "R" on your phone.  You cannot be billed for simply being connected to another service providers tower.  You can only be billed for checking voicemail, answering calls, using data and sending texts.

Best of luck to you on your travels!


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