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8 Ways To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

Updated on March 6, 2016

YouTube video

8 Ways To Make Your YouTube Videos Successful

How To Build A Successful YouTube Campaign

YouTube is for everybody, from individuals to business owners. For individuals it is a video sharing device for sharing fun and entertaining moments of their life with fans, friends and family. While the platform is used by business owners to communicate to the public, advertise and demonstrate their products or services to customers.
YouTube has gained popularity because of the ease of shooting, editing and posting videos from computers and smart phones.

1. YouTube Videos by individuals
Creative individuals can shoot video of anything that does not violate the principles guiding public policy and well-being. For instance, a man shot a video of himself raising football for many minutes without the ball hitting the ground, exhibiting different skills during the process. The video went viral on YouTube.My friend and I were in one compound doing something. He then imagined that a very wicked bull dog they have on that house suddenly escaped from his cage and started pursuing him. I said I will take out my phone and take the video clip of him and the dog running around and then upload it on Facebook. Those are interesting video about your life that people will like to watch.

2. Business YouTube videos
Should always be business related. You can shoot video about how people can use your product or enjoy your service. You can use YouTube videos to explain or simplify the technicality of your technological product. You can take video of your satisfied customers giving testimony about how great or helpful your products or services are.Let your video be interesting enough. Pay attention to your introductory part because it will go a long way in determining whether your viewers will continue watching the video or not. Don't let it look like ' it's not interesting in the beginning but the end is superb or it's interesting in the beginning but I don't like the way it ends.'Let your video be interesting from the start to the end.

3. Create playlist
To Make your contents more user-friendly, you need to organize your video into different playlists. With this, viewers will see your videos as a unified and organized videos rather than a dis-jointed and unrelated ones. Your viewers will have a good experience watching your videos because they clearly understand the purpose of each and every videos.
4. Share other people's video
If you watch a YouTube video that caught your interest, you can share it with others on your social media pages and with people visiting your blog or website. With this you are popularizing your self and the original owner of the video. This is what social networking is meant to be after-all. Such people can even pay you back by sharing your videoIn reciprocal. With this you always have something interesting for your audience, helping you to keep hold of them and attract new ones.

5. Always remember to Tag and Categorize your videos
Tagging and categorizing your videos make your videos look tidy, bring in the targeted audience and is search engines friendly. Business can categorize their YouTube videos under titles such as our business, staff, success stories, testimony, awards, charity, social responsibility, legal, business policy, management etc.

6. Promote your YouTube videos
After you have created your YouTube video or videos, the next thing is to promote it anywhere you like. You can embed your YouTube videos on your website or blog. Facebook profile and fan page are also good places to embed your YouTube videos. This will give your videos the needed exposure as visitors to your website or blog and your social media fans, friends or followers will like to check out your channel.You can also use online paid advertisement to promote your videos. You can use Google Adwords or Facebook ad to promote your video viral on the internet.Another way to promote your YouTube videos is to put your YouTube videos is to put your YouTube channel or link on your business card and other promotional materials like flyers, stickers etc.It is even a common thing nowadays to see people promoting their YouTube videos and channel on national TV, radio and newspapers.No doubt about it, the more promotion you give your videos, the more traffic you can drive, the stronger your brand name and the more successful your YouTube campaign could be.

7. Monetizing your YouTube videos
Business and individuals can monetize their YouTube videos at least to cover expenses incurred in shooting, editing, uploading and promoting the videos. For some people monetizing YouTube videos is a great way to earn a living online. You can sell spaces on your YouTube page directly to advertisers or indirectly through Program like Google Adsense.

8. Monitor your video success
YouTube has an analytical tool that help you to know which of your videos are attracting the highest views, the geographical location of your audience, the links which generate the most views etc. This will help you to concentrate on your strength and improve on your weakness.

Using YouTube can reveal the creative genius in individuals. While, business can use it to compete favorably in today's business environ. Both individuals and business can monetize their YouTube videos to cover their expenses as well as to earn legitimate income online.

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