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How To Choose Eye Catching Topic For Your Blog

Updated on June 6, 2016

Web publishing , whether it is for earning or as a hobby, it is much difficult when you need to choose
the topic of your blog or website. Some topics don't bring that much traffic or visitors to your blog and some so this post is about to help you in this matter. while choosing a topic you have to keep in mind a few things, described below :

Choose The Topic Regarding Your Knowledge :

When Choosing a topic always be careful to choose the topic about whom you have enough knowledge. so you could easily write about that topic, and the information you providing would be 100 % accurate and true. if you start a blog topic without the knowledge about topic, then you would not be able to provide the correct information, and it would be mark as spam or misleading. you will be thrown out of search engine and as well as no one would have interest to visit your blog or site. so first important thing is this that write about the topic of your own knowledge. suppose If Paul have enough knowledge about technology then it is good for him to write a blog or site about technology related content. If he would write about gardening or body building the obviously he would go decline.

Choose The Topic Of Your Own Interest :

while choosing a topic it should be regarding your interest. so you would not get bored so quickly writing about it, for example peter love the football And have enough knowledge about football and cricket, then he should write about football, not the cricket. so he could keep writing or providing the information on regular base without getting bore . i have a lot of knowledge about bodybuilding but my interest is to write a blog about celebrity photos, so it would be a worst idea to post about both. i would choose a topic of my interest as well as knowledge.

Choose The Topic Mostly Searched By People :

if paul start writing a blog about football and he has enough knowledge about it, but if people don't search over internet about football or don't have interest in football, then it is just waste of time. so before choosing a topic it is necessary to do a keyword research , find the most searched topics in related categories. there are many tools available over the internet, some are trial or free, while other are paid services. especially if you have to monetize you blog then do a little research for high cpc and high cpm keywords and topic. if interested to monetize with Google Adsense then the best thing is to research the cpc and cpm with the help of google adword.

I hope you like this post and it would help you, if you need some more help regarding this topic then leave a comment


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