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How To Counteract Facebook Hacking Techniques

Updated on June 13, 2014

Your Password is YOURS!

This is the basic rule: "One must never share his password!". Next, always choose a strong password; preferably 16 characters or more with alphanumeric characters, symbols, numbers and, both upper and lower case letters.

Your Account Can Be Hacked Without Your Password

You log into your Facebook account and see that you have messaged all your friends a suspicious zip file, or you have posted some inappropriate image or video in your wall. This has been happening a lot since recent times. But the problem is your never remember giving away your password to anyone ever! So how could someone hack your account even if you have a 64-character password?

The Method of Hacking

Do you know that apps have certain permissions to access your Facebook account? You probably do! Because when you play games in Facebook, the apps can post your scores in your Timeline. The same feature can be used to post malicious content in your Timeline or spam your friends. There are apps like "Find Your Crush", "Love Percentage" etc. that have no real purpose in Facebook. Some people use these kind of apps and when the hacker sees that a substantial amount of people are using their app, they use automated scripts to post malware and can sometimes get entire access to your account.

The Prevention

All apps must have certain permissions to access your account. For example, if you're using a "Birthday Greeting" app, the legit permissions can be: 1. Friend list details, 2. Posting on friends' timeline. Whenever you use an app for the first time, it asks for your permissions. Always check the permissions listed, and if you find some discrepancies then never grant access to that app.

In general, you should never use apps which have no real purpose in Facebook; also called "Scam Apps". "Matchmaker", "Love % Calculator" et al are hokum!

I Think I've Already Been Affected By Such Apps

You should go to Find apps that you have given access earlier and remove suspicious apps by clicking "Settings", then "Remove app". Further, you can also report the app to Facebook by clicking on "Report app". Refer to the screenshots below.

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