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How To Create Mail Merge In Microsoft office Word 2007?

Updated on May 19, 2016
Shyam Chand Majhi profile image

Shyam chand majhi is a student of Ranchi university, Ranchi in jharkhand india.

First of all, we should know that what is mail merge. Mail merge is a multiple mailing service of Microsoft word 2007. It helps us to send any information in the form of a letter to many recipients. now you have to know that why should use mail merge feature. and what is its benefit? For example, let us consider that you are working in the company. and someday your boss asking to send mail to all the employee of the company.Then what will you do? you can not send the email one by one to your employee.You have to send multiple mails at a little time. There are many alternatives of mail merge in the market or internet at free of cost. Then here we go.

All of us know about Microsoft office Word 2007. did not we? Well, then we start now. First of all, we start the Microsoft Office Word 2007 program. now we create step by step mail merge to understand this feature of Microsoft word 2007.First of all, we should know how to open Microsoft office software.Here are steps of opening Microsoft office software. Starts->all programs->microsoft office-> Microsoft word 2007.

Now open a document in Microsoft word. it should be any valid document.Valid means it should not be blank. If you don't have a valid document then you should type some text or paragraph in it.

After opening the document at Microsoft word.Now click on 'Mailings' Tab in the start mail merge Button then pop-up windows will appear then click at start mail merge wizard.Then the another pop-up window will appear at the right side of windows.

Now before start working at mail merge wizard, we create an envelope by clicking at 'Envelope' button.Because whenever you mail a document a letter should be inside the envelope. where usually we write address where we want to send the letter. we also write return address in case letter is not delivered then it will be returned to return address.

After clicking on Envelope button, now type 'To' at the box of the delivery address in the left corner of it.and type 'From' in the box of From address and write Your own address.After typing the address click at 'Add to Document' button. Then you get a message will be popped 'Do you want to save the new return address as the default return address?'. Here we click 'No' button.

After adding the envelope in the main document. now we will continue working on the mail merge wizard. From the mail merge wizard, we will work on the first step, from this step we have to select a document type. From the option we will choose from step two, we have to choose from select starting document. from the option, we will choose to use the current document.Now we go to step three, From the option Select recipients, we choose the option Type a new list. Then click at create button.then one pop-up windows will apear in front of the document.

click next to 'To' in added envelope in the document and click at 'Select Recipients' from the mailings tab then an option will appear from the option Select 'Type new list'.

Now click on 'Customize columns' and Delete all field Name and add new 'field Name'. such as Name, address, state, Pincode etc. For adding field, we have click at Add button and type field name as 'Name' , 'Address' etc.

After adding field name we have to click OK then it will be asking to add field data in the blank add at least type five contact list and then click ok it will ask to save the data in my data source. then for saving the data field by the name as 'contact list'. now save the data.

now again click next to the 'To' on the added envelope of the document and click at 'Insert merge field' and select the field and add one by one, after adding the field close the tab.

now click the option finish and merge at the mailings tab. after clicking options will appear. From those options, choose the option 'Edit individual documents'.

click at OK. thus we completed the Mail merge at Microsoft word 2007.

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    • Shyam Chand Majhi profile image

      shyam chand majhi 2 months ago from Ranchi, Jharkhand

      thank you clive williams

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 months ago from Nibiru

      Good Article dude

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