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5 Easy Tricks About How To Cut Your Electric Bill

Updated on May 19, 2010

Plan Plan Plan & Plan

In my previous hub "The Correct Plan For Eliminating Your Power Bill" we have agreed that everyone needs a good plan to follow in order to eliminate his monthly expenses on his electricity bills and without a proper plan it will be almost impossible to achieve any results!

I will continue here to give you some tricks about how to cut your electric bill and reduce your power consumptions magnificently in no time ! We will focus the light on hidden tricks which you can follow to enjoy great deduction on your monthly electricity bills and save more money... Read On!

Modern Detergent = VIP
Modern Detergent = VIP

#1: Wash Your Clothes With Modern Detergents

What type of detergent do you use when you wash your clothes ? Are you using the bio tablets or the other detergents that wash on lower temperature ? If yes that's great but if you don't I URGE you to stop and start using those modern detergent right now!

There is always a reason behind introducing any technology and those modern detergents were invented to allow people to wash on low temperatures to save electricity and maintain the colors of clothes ! When you use a modern detergent you will not be setting your washing machine temperature thermostat to 60°C or 90°C any more when you wash whites or colored clothes. Modern detergents are designed to allow you to wash your clothes at low temperatures and get the same cleaning effect and that will not only save your time but also will allow you to cut your electric bill as well.

Generally "ANY " home appliance that uses a heating or cooling coil is considered your first ever enemy when it comes to eliminating your power bill. The heating coil in your washing machine is consuming very large amount of energy when you set your washing machine to operate at 60°C or 90°C and that will decrease your chances to cut your electric bill and save your money.

Use a kettle for fast boiling and cheap power
Use a kettle for fast boiling and cheap power

#2: Use A Kettle And Don't Use A Cooker !

Do you have a kettle ? If you don't go and buy one! Using kettles for boiling water is quicker and cheaper than a cooker!

A normal kettle will boil will boil a glass of water in 30 seconds and 2 Liters in 2-3 minutes BUT if you use your electric cooker you will boil 2 liters in not less than 10 minutes! You will be using 2000 watts for 10 minutes to boil couple liters of water! 2000 watts can run TEN 20 watts lamps for 10 hours! Do you see how much you can cut your electric bill with a kettle?
Got any feelings,HUH ?!

Warm your food in a microwave
Warm your food in a microwave

#3: Microwave Vs Cooker

Warming food in a microwave is the same idea like boiling water in a kettle! When you want to warm your food always use a microwave instead of a cooker. The microwave is always better when you want a quick warm meal as it will draw less electricity than a cooker.

In fact a microwave consumes around 2000 watts of power which by any mean not a low consumption but when you compare the time required to warm an onion bread or a cup of milk in a microwave rather than a cooker you will know what I am talking about. Basically a microwave needs much less time than a cooker to warm your food and therefore you cut your electric bill and increase your cooker life time.

Don't waste your freezer space and always use it
Don't waste your freezer space and always use it

#4: Use Your Full Freezer Space !

Having a deep freezer or a freezer is great when you know how to use its full benefits. It actually doesn't matter with your freezer if you put a chicken or two ! the freezer will always work till it reaches the desired temperature which is normally -18°C. In the beginning the freezer may work longer when you put a lot of stuffs inside it because it will take more time to freeze them but when that stage is done the freezer will not have any problem to keep the temperature constant. So you can observe that when you leave your freezer empty you are actually losing an opportunity to benefit from money you will pay sooner or later.

Where is the saving here, okay to cut your electric bill when you use your freezer you need to make sure to keep the door closed properly and avoid frequent opening of the freezer door as this will let the high temperature from the outside surrounding to be transferred to your freezer and make the freezer work longer time to cool your food again.

A ceiling fan costs 1 cent/hr
A ceiling fan costs 1 cent/hr

#5: Use Your Fans When Ever Possible

When possible in a hot summers you should try to use a ceiling or normal fan instead of operating your AC for countless hours. A fan will circulate the air inside the room and let you feel 3 to 4 degrees cooler and that is great in terms of power saving. Instead of keeping your AC working for long hours use a fan in parallel to make some balance.

You can expect to cut your electric bill by 30% when reducing the frequent use of your AC and the good news is a fan costs around 1 cent/hr ONLY!

Magnetic generators are used to create free electricity at home by more than 260,000 person!
Magnetic generators are used to create free electricity at home by more than 260,000 person!

Use A Power Alternative Source To Create Free Electricity At Home

Why not using a smart solution? Power alternatives like magnetic generators are excellent way to cut your electric bill and save a lot of money! Why not to add yourself to the wide customers database and enjoy the great benefits of creating your own electricity at home for free!

Get Started With Building Your Own Magnetic Generator!


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