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How To Use Facebook Offers To Promote Your Business For Free

Updated on June 17, 2015

Do you use Facebook offers? Have you noticed them at all on your newsfeed?

Facebook offers are quite popular and in many ways very beneficial to your business.

So what is a Facebook offer?

Basically it is a coupon. Just like a regular coupon or discount voucher, it allows you to promote your business with a deal or discount, offering it to people on Facebook.

How much does a Facebook offer cost?

Starting at just $5 for page owners, the cost increases for pages with a larger number of fans. Most importantly though, from a user perspective, it is free to claim.

Benefits of Facebook Offers

Using the offer feature is quite beneficial for businesses both on and off Facebook. We all know the importance of not only running a Facebook business so whilst this does encourage engagement and interaction, the offer is designed to get your fans to visit your online or physical store. Turning fans into real life paying customers is the key!

Facebook's official guide to offers

Just in case you are lost, you can view a step by step guide put together by Facebook for you to set up your own Facebook Offer.

How to make the most out of Facebook Offers

If your Facebook business page has at least 100 fans the offers are available for you to use.

Select the Content Creator box and choose Offer. You are provided with a number of options and can set up your offer to be claimable in a physical store, online, or both.

You can include an image, a catchy headline and details of the redemption code. Don't forget to include a link or reference to any specific terms and conditions plus the all important expiration date.

How to promote a Facebook offer

Offers can be promoted on Facebook in the same way that you can boost or promote a post.

You have complete control over who is targeted and who will be shown the ad or offer you have set up.

How to create images online for FREE

There are a number of free online editing tools to use to help you create an image that works. Here are a few links that will be helpful.

Here's how to make the most of Facebook Offers for your business:

1. Advertise exclusive offers: Make your offer worthwhile and quality. The more claims it has, the more people will see it in their newsfeed.

2. Re-share the offer: Make sure you share it on your page and within any groups too. You can also link it on other social media platforms also.

3. Pin the offers to the top of your Page: Make use of the ability to pin the offer to the top of your business page so that it does not get lost amongst your regular status updates.

4. Keep offers short: Don't get carried away and make your offer wordy and too long to read and understand. "Buy one, get one free," or "Enter our unique promo code to save 40%."

5. Good use of images: For your offer to be eye catching the images you use needs to stand out. The dimensions should be 90 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall.

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