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How To Get Followers on Google Plus and Free Promotion

Updated on July 9, 2016
How To Empower Your Business With Google Plus
How To Empower Your Business With Google Plus

Google+ (Google Plus) is one of the best and most effective social media platforms that is completely free. As with just about any site of this nature there are many opportunities to build up your brand and expand your online presence and promote your business.

It may not be a social network on the same scale as Facebook however it does boast a large number of users, both personal and business. If you decide you’re one of these businesses then it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the needs of getting used to a social network that you may not be familiar with.

One thing that you should remember is that Google+ should not be treated in the same way as Facebook or Twitter. Once you understand what Google+ is and are comfortable that it is an area that you want to pursue for your business, let's embark on the journey to enhance your existing page and up skill you.

It is time to empower your business with Google+.

Setting Up Your Google Plus Business Page

The first step required it to set up a page for your business that is attached to your personal account. This aspect is relatively easy. Enhancing it however is key.

Online visitors tend to make decisions very quickly so first impressions definitely count. You will only get a second or two to stand out so don't just create a page, create an engaging page that reflects who you are as a company or person.

  1. Logo: Ensure your logo image is focused, suitable and matches how you want your business to be portrayed.
  2. Tagline: Don't forget about your tagline. The snappy one liner which is almost a motto to convey in just a few words what you or your business are all about.

This is your opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd. Reach your full potential.

Tip: Personalised URLs – Don't forget to grab your personalised Google+ URL

Participating on Google Plus

Empower your Google Plus page by being a contributor to other people's discussions and content. The Google Plus '+1' option is like a thumbs up on content, showing your support. Comments need not be paragraphs, just sincere comment showing that you have read the articles or posts. Whether the comment is positive, constructive criticism, or a differing view, just participate. Be polite however and don't forget netiquette.

Tip: Interact - Ask questions and run polls. Just as on other social media sites, Google+ is about conversing with your followers, listening to them and not just broadcasting to them.

Networking on Google Plus

Don't just create a page and think it's all done and dusted. Now the time has come to network. Look for people you know, your colleagues, your industry contacts and others in the same field of business as you. Add any with similar interests, or those you would like to connect with to you 'circles'.

Tip: Audience - Google+ has a different demographic audience compared to other social networking sites. It has more male members than females and a strong following from the IT industry. Remember this.

Sharing content on Google Plus

Sharing content on Google Plus is not only extremely easy to do, but a key to networking, connecting and engaging others. Share your content, content of others, share content that is business related, helpful, or helpful hints and tips and be comfortable to even share the odd humorous piece. As long as it is in good taste and relevant, you will find that is helps people see you in a different light and they may then feel like the 'ice has been broken'.

Remember, don't limit the sharing of content just to those within your circles as Google Plus allows you so share to the followers of your own followers or the public. This is a very powerful tool. Use it.

Tip: Share Images - A visually compelling image is likely to attract attention and encourage people to read what you’re saying. You do not always have to say it with words.


If you come across someone seeking information, guidance or just needs a helping hand, offer it. It is a great way to get others to view your page, possibly gain more followers and most importantly, to build loyalty and respect.

Tip: Assist others - Take the focus off everything being about you.

Google Plus Hang Outs

Take time to hang out in Google Plus' 'Hang Outs'. Create them yourself or join in. Use the opportunity to offer information to other users. Think of them as fancy video chats; the much anticipated upgrade from the old Google Gmail video chat which restricted you from communicating with those only on gmail. Google+ Hangouts extends the communication across not only gmail, but Google+ itself; browser, android or iOS devices. As a face-to-face video conferencing tool, you can connect with up to 9 people at once, maintain a private or open (public) conversation and even create a shared whiteboard for presentation. Using Google docs you can create and share documents amongst participants instantaneously, watch other videos all at the same time and best of all, you can participate from a computer or a portable device such as an iPhone.

Tip: Hangouts on air (HOA) - If you need to reach a larger audience, HOA allows a greater number of people to participate as spectators or viewers. Once the maximum 9 members are locked in, the rest can watch the hangout live as a YouTube live stream. It’s like watching a webinar or a live concert online.

And finally, whilst it is exciting and encouraging to watch your followers increase each day, the time will come where your initial popularity starts to take a back seat to someone else or something else. Don't be too precious about how many followers you have or the rate at which they come and go. Keep things fresh. Experiment and find the right method which works for you and your business. Once you have it nailed, repeat.

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