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How To Find Out Do-Follow Links Easily?

Updated on May 13, 2010

Finding Do-Follow Links Made Easy

I have been using a lot of tools and plugins which are meant for effective surfing in the view of SEO. Whenever you learn about the SEO or its basics, it's always recommended to to see everything in SEO point of view. There are a lot of tools or plugins are available online for free which can be installed on browsers like Mozilla Firefox with just one click. So it is always a ned to distinguish between Do-follow links and No-follow links easily so that we can make use of the former one to build links to our primary pages. And though Link building is one of the fundamentals of SEO strategy. So we are forced to follow it.

Free Tool That Does it for You

The tool that about which I am discussing, has an inbuilt "nofollow highlight" feature. When the feature is turned on by a click, it highlights any hyperlink that has the nofollow attribute in a red colour and this can be turned off whenever you don't need to appear while you surf generally. It is actually a really great SEO tool and it has more built-in features that you can check out here. I am sorry for I haven't mention the name of the plugin yet. It's Quirk's SearchStatus.

Before the creation of such tools, the process of finding out if a blog was dofollow or nofollow was a frustrating task for most of the SE Optimizers. I used to look for a page that had a comment with a hyperlink on it and follow a series of tedious steps to figure out if it is coded as rel="nofollow". The interesting thing was I had to return with anger most of the time, because of getting No-follow links. Now we are fortunate in the sense that we have such great tools that are able to do these daunting tasks for us while we surf bothering about nothing.

Surf the Web in SEO View

I always used to turn on the option for highlighting no-follow links, becasue it get the information for me with in a matter of second. So I never use the option to turn the feature off. Because, I really want to see everything in SEO's point of view and this tools helps me to do the same a lot easier than ever before.

So I suggest all of you to try this nice tool which always remain on the bottom right corner of your Firefox browser displaying additional information like Alexa Rank, PageRank and more. Check out the above link and just install it in your browser. 


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    • profile image

      RM 7 years ago

      We have a nofollow social bookmarking site you can add your links to if thats helpful :)

    • profile image

      id-uri messenger 7 years ago

      It seems to me an interesting article, I think I'll memorize this page MRS. ...

    • profile image

      Earn Blog 7 years ago

      Thanks mate i ll tru it 2day :-)

    • profile image

      joe 7 years ago

      thank dude , realy good tool

    • manijee profile image

      manijee 7 years ago

      heyy man nice one must "nofollow " the links is very necessary ....