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How To Find Stolen Online Images

Updated on July 9, 2016
How To Find Out If People Are Stealing Your Images - Using Google
How To Find Out If People Are Stealing Your Images - Using Google

Placing an image anywhere on the internet can be a good way to get it stolen.

Even if you only share your images with a select private group of friends, it only takes one person sharing the image somewhere else to have it loose on the world wide web.

Nearly any public place you put an image on the internet can be seen by Google - including forums, profile photos, blogs - and Google links all these public images in the Google Image Search and that increases the chance of them being stolen even more, as many people aren't aware of the copyright on Google Image Search photos.

Fortunately, Google also lets you easily track down any image that has been stolen or reused and tells you exactly where it is.

Here is how to use this simple but not widely known trick to track down any public image on the internet.

How To Use Google To Find Stolen Images

1. Go to the Google Image Search page. Mouse over the right hand corner of the search bar and click the camera icon that appears.

In the search box that appears, you can upload an image directly from your computer or paste the URL of the image. To get the URL of the image, visit the image, right click on it and click "Copy Image URL" or "Copy Image Location" then paste this into the box.

To upload the image from your computer, simply right click the image on the internet and save it to your computer then upload, or upload one already in your image files.

Have you ever had your images stolen?

See results

Press the search button and look at the results. Google will show you in the search box the words it thinks describes the image, a collection of images that it thinks are similar to your image, and then a list of every page it can find on the internet that is using that particular image.

You can visit each page to see the image in use.

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