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How To Fix MP4 Videos

Updated on February 16, 2011

My MP4 H.264 Files Won’t Load Immediately!

Usually this happens after uploading your video on a video hosting site. It takes forever to load and it seems to be downloading the whole video before it starts playing.

MP4 or H.264 videos are the hottest and one of the most robust video file formats being used today. YouTube uses it for High Quality and High Definition videos and new Adobe Flash players can process them. Unfortunately, within the MP4 H.264 file is Quicktime Indexing information, and if it is in the wrong spot, you may have some streaming problems. The fix is simple, though.

Use HandBrake

If you’re having issues with your MP4 videos for any reason, here’s an alternative solution you can use. We will be using this free software to change the video into a more compatible format called HandBrake.

You need to download the software here:

Just choose the version for your operating system. After downloading just install and run the program.

Full HandBrake Guide is found here:

Here are the tested settings that works well with most video sharing site.

HandBrake MP4 Settings For Web Playback

HandBrake Settings For MP4
HandBrake Settings For MP4


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